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America’s Best Value Inn Application Online


With over a thousand locations, America’s Best Value Inn is a growing hotel chain in North America that deserves to be recognized. Their fame is increasing because of its affordable rates and the quality of service they provide.

This hotel chain is part of America’s Best Franchising. It was founded in Marion, Illinois. In 2014, Vantage Hospitality acquired America’s Best Franchising. It now manages all of America’s Best Franchising.

Being the 10th largest hotel chain in the world, this company was considered by Lodging Hospitality as one of the fastest growing hotel chains for four years.

America’s Best Value Innoffers benefit packages to its employees which include healthcare assistance and retirement plans that help in motivating them to do well in their work.

The employee training and the benefits provided by this hotel chain are one of the reasons why one should apply in this company. They offer a workplace where everyone grows and improves together.

How old do you have to be to work at America’s Best Value Inn?

An applicant should be at least 18 years of age for his application to be considered by the Human Resource personnel. Some work experiences related to the position applied for is an advantage.

America’s Best Value Inn Careers

Front Desk Representative:This person is responsible for assisting customers when they check-in or out of the hotel. They will handle whatever problems that the customer has.

Housekeeper: Cleaning the rooms, hallways, and corridors is the housekeeper’s primary job. This person isassigned to keep every corner of the building free from dirt.

Customer Service Representative: This person is expected to take charge of the customer problems that the front desk representative cannot handle. A customer service representative is expected to be hospitable.

Food and Beverage Clerk: Serving the customers with their food and beverages is the food and beverage clerk’s primary job. This person is, therefore, expected to be friendly and polite so as to make the customer comfortable.

America’s Best Value Inn is offering job positions such as assistant manager, regional sales director, director of hospitality, and other entry-level jobs. Professional jobs are also available.

America’s Best Value Inn Application

Job applicants are to visit the hotel branch to apply. They will have to inquire to the nearest hotel branch of the current job offerings and requirements needed for application.

Even if this hotel chain is one of the largest hotel chains in the world, online job application is not widely used. It is still using the traditional way for getting applicants.

Since they will have to go in person to apply, applicants should set the first impression immediately. Dress formally but do not overdo it. Inquire politely and observe how the employees behave. Fill out the necessary forms and resume concisely.

Resumes are to be submitted to the human resource department head who is expected to read hundreds of other resumes. This can be challenging since this is not an online application. Long forms might be discarded so keep it concise.

Interviews follow after passing the first stage of application process. Highlight the skills and strength mentioned in the application form during the interview but do not be over-confident.

Things To Know About America’s Best Value Inn 

Providing comfort without the need for spending much is the strength of this hotel chain. The amiable atmosphere that its surroundings create shows the quality of service that their employees give.

The growth of the company does not seem to end yet. Just this year, a hotel branch in Houston was opened. People seem to want more of the things that this hotel can offer.

The 35-room inn and suites is just one of the 11 other hotels that the company plans to open. Six other hotels are expected to be built in Houston.

America’s Best Value Inn can be considered as one of the good employers in the business with their expansions. Thousands of people are expected to land a job with the projects that they are currently working on.

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