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This chain of 85 hotels based in North America is quickly spreading across the American, European, and Asian continents. AloftHotels shows the beauty of modern architecture through its buildings.

Starwood Hotels started Aloft Hotels in 2005 to target the market of contemporary hotels. It was called “A Vision of W Hotels”. The Rockwell Group was then responsible for its architecture.

Different branches of this hotelchain in the Europe and Asia had been given travel industry awards and were nominated for world travel awards due to their exemplary service.

With its vast business coverage, this hotel requires its employees to give their best in their work. To motivate them, the company provides healthcare assistance, retirement plans, and financial assistance along with other assistance programs.

Employee improvement is given focus in Aloft Hotels. Compensated trainings and opportunities for employees are provided for their workforce’s development. This can be considered as an ideal workplace.

How old do you have to be to work at Aloft Hotels?

The minimum age requirement to work in this hotel chain is 18 years old. Work experience may be required depending on the position that you are applying for.

Aloft Hotels Careers

Front Desk Talent: This person is tasked to assist customers when they check-in or out of the hotel. Front desk talents will handle record-keeping and must be hospitable since they will deal with the customers most of the time.

Housekeeping:This person is in charge of keeping the building in order and free from dirt. Aside from the rooms, housekeepers are also expected to clean the lobbies and corridors.

Food and Beverage Talent: This person is expected to be amiable since serving the customers with food and beverages are the main jobs of a food and beverage talent. 

General Manager: This person is tasked to supervise operations on customer service, job hiring, and work assignments. In cases of problems with customers,the general manager is expected to resolve the conflict.

With their 24/7 work operations, this hotel chain also offers job positions such as hotel manager, painter, bartender, and carpenter. Other entry-level jobs are also available.

Aloft Hotels Application

An account on Starwood Hotels and Resort is needed to be able to apply to Aloft Hotels. The website contains job offerings and the requirements to comply with. An application form provided in the site should be filled out.

Online application is currently used by Aloft Hotels and its parent company, Starwood Hotels and Resort due to fast data processing and convenience. This proves beneficial for the corporation.

The job applicant must prepare all the requirements needed by the company. Any unnecessary data given would discourage the company from hiring a job applicant.

Resumes should highlight the job applicant’s strengths and skills that the company is looking for. But it is essential to make a resume filled with truthful information.

Interviews will follow after further notification from the company through email or phone. Prepare how to convince the interviewer that your skills match the position you are applying for. Have confidence.

Things To Know About Aloft Hotels

Aside from its famous contemporary buildings, this hotel chain is also known as a good employer. With the company’s product focusing on providing service to its customers, employees are expected to be amiable.

This hotel is living up to its image as a good employer with their recent expansion that will cater to thousands of jobs. The new hotel is to be located in Newport.

Classy accommodations and quick access will be some of the focus of the hotel’s expansion. The Cincinnatians’ lifestyle is used as the new hotel’s theme.

Providing jobs is one of the things that this company has contributed to the community. Thousands of people have been given this opportunity and now more names will be added to the list of employees that Aloft Hotels has.

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