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Ameristar Casinos caters to those seeking both excitement and relaxation. Aside from offering table games and slot machines, it’s also a well-known name in the hotel and dining industry.

The brand was established in 1993 by Craig Neilsen. The properties under it were originally owned by “Cactus Pete” Piersanti (of Cactus Pete’s Incorporated) and Don French (of Horseshu Casino).

In 2013, however, Ameristar itself was acquired by Pinnacle Entertainment. The brand now operates in at least six locations across the US (including Colorado, Iowa, and Missouri) and has more than 7,000 employees.

Those employed full time by Ameristar are given health, dental, and vision insurance. It also provides 401(k) matching and paid vacation time, as well as employee discounts.

Such benefits are among the top reasons why many choose to work for the casino. Likewise, employees appreciate the team-oriented workplace and the chance to earn additional paid leaves.

How old do you have to be to work at Ameristar Casinos?

Only applicants who are at least 21 years of age will be considered for their preferred positions. This requirement is typical for casino entertainment companies.

Ameristar Casinos Careers

Learning and Development Specialist: Those given this job title are expected to effectively carry out programs for team development and productivity. They are also required to provide individual advice for improving performance and ensuring excellent service.

Revenue Audit Supervisor: Employees with this position monitor both gaming and non-gaming revenue. They ensure that audits are done properly, particularly in terms of accuracy. It’s also among their main roles to provide monitoring reports on a daily basis.

Surveillance Personnel: Individuals with this job are tasked to keep the place safe for both staff and patrons. They mainly track areas by using CCTVs, but they are still required to patrol the vicinity occasionally (or when the need arises).

Table Games Dealer: Those assigned as dealers need to exhibit mastery in the games assigned to them. They have to be aware of every rule and should be capable of quickly computing payouts. It is among their responsibilities to be friendly towards guests.

There are other positions that may need to be filled, such as Security Officer, Housekeeping Personnel, Kitchen Staff, Utility Technician, Supply Chain Manager, Beverage Server, Valet, and Cage Cashier.

Ameristar Casinos Application

Applying for a specific job is as simple as heading to Pinnacle Entertainment’s careers hub, browsing the listings, and submitting a resume (along with other necessary details).

Note that walk-in or on-site applications are not accepted at this time. All interested applicants have to use the company’s job search tool, which can be found on its website.

Before clicking on the apply button, make sure that created profile is both complete and accurate. It’s possible to skip the profile-creation process by using a LinkedIn account.

Also, before uploading a resume, check whether it has been updated with the most recent information. It’s beneficial to keep the resume short, so add only information that’s relevant to the job.

Interviews are fairly simple. Applicants are asked questions about their desire to work for the company and their previous work experiences. Likewise, they are asked questions on behavior and personality. 

Things to Know About Ameristar Casinos

The company fosters a culture of teamwork and camaraderie. Rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for growth are also among its philosophies.

Despite the economic recession’s impact on the gambling industry, Ameristar has managed to remain among the top brands. Analysts believe that this is mainly due to its accessibility, given its diverse locations.

The casino is known for its rich history that spans more than six decades. Its name is also associated with high-quality guest service and unique social efforts.

Ameristar Cares is among such, as it involves employees in giving to charitable institutions. Celebrities also work with the casino annually, waiting tables for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.

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