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Amigos United is a grocery chain that focuses on offering Hispanic goods and cuisine. It has a vast assortment of products, ranging from marinated meats to authentic Mexican candies.

The grocery is part of United Supermarkets LLC. Despite having its headquarters in Lubbock, Texas, United began in Oklahoma where it was founded by H.D. Snell.

Amigos has four locations and has over a thousand employees. United Supermarkets has celebrated its 100th anniversary, proof of its resiliency and relevance to both the community and the workforce.

Full-time employees enjoy a wide array of benefits, including basic medical coverage and 401(k) plans. The company also gives paid vacations and offers scholarship programs.

Such benefits aren’t the only reason why many continue to work at the grocery chain. They also appreciate the compassionate culture. Both co-workers and managers maintain a positive, friendly attitude. 

How old do you have to be to work at Amigos United?

Only those at least 18 years of age are qualified to apply for most positions. However, individuals at least 16 years old may be accepted, as long as they have acquired permission from the local government.

Amigos United Careers

Bagger: Those employed as baggers are tasked to pack groceries, ensuring that everything is in place and can be conveniently carried. At times, they assist customers in carrying their purchases to the parking lot.

Cashier: Individuals given this position are responsible for processing purchases. Scanning discount vouchers is also among their tasks. During the busiest hours, they may have to serve as baggers as well.

Clerk: Those working as store clerks have to ensure that sanitation is kept in check. In addition, it is up to them to organize product shelves and to answer all relevant questions coming from customers.

Department Manager: Being a department manager means having to keep everything running smoothly. That includes handling staff concerns and arranging employee schedules, as well as training those recently hired.

There are other positions available at Amigos United, such as Pharmacy Technician, Assistant Service Manager, Accounts Specialist, Baker, Meat Cutter, Night Stocker, and Cake Decorator.

Amigos United Application

Walk-in applications are accepted. Those interested should specifically seek the hiring manager to get started with the process. Sending an email directly to the hiring manager or inquiring through phone is also allowed.

The grocery chain has an application portal online and it does have its own unique advantages. Checking an application’s status through the web is as simple as accessing the MyJobPage feature.

When filling up the application form, it’s important to provide only the most accurate information. Recentness is another key factor to consider in accomplishing such a task.

Interested applicants who are yet to write a resume should keep in mind that there is such a thing as being too thorough. There’s no need to list every accomplishment. Simply write down details relevant to the position.

As for the interview, it is a must to get a basic understanding of the company’s offerings and culture. Likewise, it’s necessary to be friendly and optimistic throughout the process. 

Things to Know About Amigos United

Amigos United maintains a culture of compassion and camaraderie. Employees learn to appreciate one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and are eager to help out in any way they can.

In 2013, the grocery chain was nominated in the Plainview Herald’s People’s Choice Awards. Though it did not win in any category, it was a runner up in six – including Best Produce Department and Best Bakery.

The company is known for having an impressive selection of Hispanic goods, particularly authentic Mexican deli. Despite that, it also takes pride in offering products from other parts of the world.

As for its social efforts, Amigos United gives a single serving of fruit to kids who shop with their parents. It also provides free meals during special occasions, and Tax Day is among those.

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