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Applebee’s began as a neighborhood restaurant 30 years ago, opened in 1980 by Bill and TJ Palmer in Atlanta, Georgia. Now operated by Applebee’s International Inc. and DineEquity, the brand is an international chain of over 2,000 locations. With a professional culture of award winning service, exciting careers with the chain are open to all. Applebee’s Application link at the bottom.

Formerly the IHOP Corporation, DineEquity acquired the chain in 2007, operating as the parent company for these and IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurants. From their current headquarters in Kansas, Missouri, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bars are a popular favorite across the U.S., Canada, China, and over 16 other countries, with an annual sales average of $4.7 billion.

Providing a tradition of casual American dining, the franchises reflect the original idea of a local place to call your own. Local features are incorporated into each restaurant to create a memorable and special dining experience. They are known for a high level of patron and employee satisfaction in the casual dining sector.

The company is always growing and open to domestic and international franchise opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur with a dedication to the business and a proven track record, contact the company to become part of this thriving multi-billion dollar market. Information and instructions are available to entrepreneurs on their website.

Applebee’s Careers

Applebee’s jobs are open to everyone as it is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers numerous employment opportunities at various levels, from Restaurant Management to Hourly Team Members. You will find available positions and a printable job application for Applebee’s on the company website. For instance, operations Management team opportunities at Applebee’s include Restaurant/Assistant General Manager, General Manager, and Multi-Unit Manager.

Entry-level positions are a fun and exciting way to learn new responsibilities at competitive wages. Hourly Team job opportunities include working as a host, server, bartender, or cook.

Other jobs are available in administration and customer support. These corporate positions include areas like Accounting, Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal and Marketing.

How old do you have to be to work at Applebee’s?

To apply for jobs at Applebee’s, you need to be at least 18 years old, however, some Applebee’s jobs require being older. Check with the company and review the requirements of the job description before applying.

Salaries are commensurate with experience: entry-level begins at minimum wage, while management earn competitive salaries and bonuses. In addition to discounts on food, employees who remain for at least 1 year are eligible for benefits including insurance, retirement, and vacation. The Heidi Fund also helps to financially support associates affected by life-changing catastrophic events.

Hours range from location depending on the day of the week, presence of a bar, and regulations of the province or state. A typical example is an opening time of 11 a.m. and closing time of 1 a.m., though employees always begin earlier and stay later.

There is lots of potential for internal advancement and success. To begin, follow the prompts on the career section of the website to see a list of openings for your intended job category.

Applebee’s Job Descriptions

General Manager – As General Manager, you will be part of all aspects of the business, integrating the company Strategic Blueprint into sales and profit strategies, promotions, and building patron relationships. You will be a team-builder and ambassador for the chain brand, earning an average of $51,444.

 Restaurant Manager – As Manager, you’ll be responsible for administering schedules, taking the lead on the restaurant floor, and ensuring fantastic customer service. You will be a mentor to others and your development decision-making skills while earning an average of $41,041. Employment is contingent on pre-hiring checks and a hair drug test.

Bartender – As Bartender, you will prepare and serve drinks for guests, making a variable minimum hourly rate that is heavily boosted by tips, with high earning potential for certain locations and hours.

Line Cook – As Line Cook, you will pursue an exciting experience creating the favorite dishes that people come back for around the world. Tasks include cooking, preparing ingredients, and other kitchen duties. You can expect to make up to $12/hr and over with competitive benefits.

Host – As Host, you will bring the restaurant to life by greeting, seating and making reservations for guests as the primary face of the business. You will meet new people every day in a stimulating role, earning minimum wage and higher.

Server – As Server, you will facilitate the orders and needs of guests and deliver the highest level of customer service in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. Hourly pay begins at minimum wage and is enhanced by patron gratuities.

Applebee’s Interview Questions

These are typical employer questions that you should be prepared to answer in an interview.

Why do you want to work for Applebee’s? Research the company culture and mandate in detail and explain why the company attracts you as a first choice.

What experience do you have? Talk about your past work experience or other experience that demonstrates your ability to succeed at the tasks involved. Draw on all you can and be enthusiastic.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? This is intended to reveal your sense of ambition within the company. Communicate your willingness to take on greater responsibility and challenges while learning the ropes and roles.

What qualities make you a good candidate for this position? This is your chance to speak about what you have to offer while sharing the best parts of your personality and character. If you are looking at management, discuss your leadership and coaching abilities, or if you want to join the team as a server, explain your ability to prioritize and perform well under stress. Be positive and aspire to live up to these qualities.

Provide an example of how you demonstrated these skills or qualities in previous jobs? This is a scenario-based question where you describe a past event where you succeeded in your responsibilities.  Have one ready, whether it happened at work or in another relevant situation.

What is your greatest weakness? It is common to be asked what you do the least well. Be candid but answer in a way that frames this weakness as an area of improvement. Be sure to highlight your best talent as well.

Other questions to be prepared for include your access to reliable transportation and any charges or violations on your driving or criminal record. Answer honestly.

Advice for Application Process

Now that you have prepared for your new career, it is time to apply. Applying to Applebee’s are easy, and can be done in person or through an online application. If you are wondering how to apply to apply for Applebee’s online, this section will tell you how to conduct your free application process through the Applebee’s careers website.

You can find open positions for hourly team members by zip code. Once a list is retrieved for your area, you can submit a direct application by selecting the “apply online” button next to each listing and clicking “apply” to open the application wizard and download the application form.  Applications may also be completed by filling out a printable applicable form, provided in person with your resume.

Applications to Managerial and Corporate opportunities are similar. Search openings for internal and external candidates by job type and follow the same process. Restaurants that are hiring will provide specific instructions.

Make sure your Applebee’s application is completed accurately and is submitted by the indicated closing date for the competition. If contacted for an interview, dress appropriately for the position and maintain a professional and positive outlook.

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