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Baskin Robbins

Founders Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins were brothers-in-law who each owned an ice cream shop. They merged their two shops in Glendale, California in 1945, and Baskin-Robbins was launched, although the stores weren’t called that until 1953. By 1948, they owned six stores, and the first franchise was born. Their production facility opened in 1949, when they already had forty stores. Baskin-Robbins application link is located at the bottom.

Seventy years later, Baskin-Robbins is part of Dunkin’ Brands Inc., which franchises both Dunkin’ Donuts and them. There are more than 2500 stores in the United States alone, and more than 7,300 in over fifty countries. If you are interested in owning a franchise, you will find the direct application for United States or international at the bottom.

The trademarked “31” represents a flavor of ice cream for each day of the month. The company offers limited edition flavors each month in addition to its stock flavors. Over the years they’ve created over 1000 flavors. They also sell ice cream cakes, novelties, parfaits, sundaes, and beverages. To apply for jobs at Baskin-Robbins, see below.

Baskin-Robbins jobs are fun and creative. The stores smell wonderful, music is always playing, and customers come in for treats and celebrations. Many famous people had jobs at the well-known ice cream chain, including President Barack Obama and Julia Roberts. There is no printable application for Baskin-Robbins, but you can pay a visit to their website to find a job opportunity.

Baskin-Robbins Careers

Entry level Baskin-Robbins jobs offer a fun, easy-going atmosphere, and flexible hours. The pay generally starts at minimum wage, but the store is a great place to gain experience toward a career. Assistant managers are usually trained from within the company. For a Baskin-Robbins application check the website for a store near you.

There are many Baskin-Robbins careers available at the corporate level. You can browse the numerous opportunities on the Dunkin’ Brands website. Click on one for a job description and apply online. Field Marketing Manager, Baskin-Robbins Ops Manager, and Store Planner are just a few of the careers available in the industry. These positions offer a competitive salary and a great benefits package.

For entrepreneurs, franchise ownership is possible. You’ll need a total net worth of at least $250,000, and business experience. You could open a new location, or buy one of dozens that are listed for sale right now. The link for an online application is at the bottom.

How old do you have to be to work at Baskin-Robbins?

You must be sixteen for an entry level position at this ice cream shop. Management and higher positions require college or experience, so candidates for those positions would be older. While this company does not provide a printable application form, you can find a nearby store on their website to apply in person.

Most of the benefits of working for this employer at the entry level are gaining experience, enjoying a fun atmosphere, and a chance to move up. Benefits at the corporate level are plentiful, including excellent insurance coverage, lots of paid time off, and various discount programs. You can browse corporate level Baskin-Robbins jobs online and fill out an application form right on the Dunkin’ Brands website.

Store hours vary by location, season, and day of the week. Some locations are open only during the day, but there are many locations open 24 hours, as well. Individual store hours are listed on the website.

Baskin-Robbins Job Descriptions

Operations Manager – The Operations Manager is the point of contact between franchisees and their restaurants. As an operations manager, you would make sure your assigned restaurants were operating up to company standards, and you would offer the support of the company back to the restaurant.

Manager – The Manager hires and trains employees, schedules shifts, and makes sure the store is running as it should. The Manager also makes sure health and safety guidelines are being followed, and monitors profits. Managers should have a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience. You can see the Baskin-Robbins website to find store locations to send your resume to.

Assistant Manager  – The Assistant Manager oversees the store’s operation and performance, and acts as store leader in the Manager’s absence. The Assistant Manager’s pay is a little higher than a Crew Member’s. Some experience is required.

Crew Member – As a Crew Member, your primary job is to serve customers, make ice cream cakes and beverages, keep the store clean, and run the cash register. You don’t need experience for this position. You should expect to be paid minimum wage, which is $7.25 in most states, but you’ll get raises. While you can’t download application form, you can get the information you need from the website below.

Baskin-Robbins Interview Questions

These are some questions you may be asked once you’ve been called in for an interview.

Why would you like to work for Baskin-Robbins? Enthusiastic employees make better workers. The interviewer wants to know that you want to be there, and you’ll have a good attitude while you’re meeting your responsibilities at work.

Do you consider yourself to be a people person? You will be working with customers or other employees most of the time. Show that you can get along well with other people.

How well do you know the products? It’s easier to sell products when you’ve tried them yourself. It will be helpful to have eaten some of the items they sell beforehand so you can talk about them. If you have any happy memories about the product, go ahead and share one!

Do you have any experience? Experience always helps, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. This company gives people starting out a chance. If you want a management position, you will need a college degree, or a few years of experience.

Do you have reliable transportation? It’s important that you can get to your shifts. The interviewer wants to know that you will show up for work when you are supposed to.

Advice For Application Process

Once yours has been selected from all the employment applications they’ve received, it will be time for your interview. Make sure you are clean and neat, but, unless you are applying for a management position, it’s okay to not wear a suit. Once you get the job, you’ll be issued a uniform.

They do hire people who don’t have experience, so don’t worry if you’ve never had a job before. You can make up for a lack by showing that you’re excited about the chance to work for them, and showing that you understand what the job entails, and the products they sell.

If you’re interested in working at a store, there is no Baskin-Robbins job application online available, but the website will direct you to a local store where you can fill out a free application in person. With so many locations, they are always hiring. Go to their website to see how to apply for Baskin-Robbins online.

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