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BCBG Max Azria is a fashion brand operating under the BCBG Max Azria Group. They specialize in designing and creating women’s clothing that are versatile, yet fashionable.

The fashion powerhouse was founded by fashion designer, Max Azria in 1989. Their collections include women’s dresses, jackets, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories, bags and more.

BCBG is a renowned fashion brand, which generates over $2 billion in annual sales. It has an employee size of more than 5,000 staff and professionals. It is currently based in Vernon, California.

The fashion brand offers competitive salary packages to its employees. In addition, they provide paid vacation and holidays, employee discounts and maternity and paternity leaves.

Employees enjoy working with this fashion brand because they are driven by their passion. They enjoy the daily work, as it is never boring.

How Old Do You Have to be Work at BCBG Max Azria?

Applicants who hold a high school diploma and are at least 18 years old are welcome to apply for staff positions at BCBG Max Azria.

BCBG Max Azria Careers

Sales Associate – tasked to provide the highest quality customer services to BCBG clients. They need to contribute to the growth of the brand in terms of sales volume.

Floor Supervisor – As a floor supervisor, you will be responsible for inspiring your team members to meet the team’s goals. You will be tasked to ensure that they are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

Stylist – Stylists need to have knowledge about fashion, as they will assist clients when it comes to what looks good on them. Your responsibilities also include choosing looks that will become the next fashion trends.

Fashion Design Intern – If you want to be exposed to the kind of culture and dynamics in a fast-paced fashion brand, you can apply as a fashion design intern.

The retail industry is a great way to start your career, as this will expose you to various clients. BCBG Max Azria provides opportunities to start a career in the fashion industry.

BCBG Max Azria Application

BCBG Max Azria offers career internship, corporate and retail career opportunities. Their “Careers” page shows a list of available jobs, depending on the sector you want to work for.

Applicants may apply online through the fashion brand’s website. However, you must fill out an application form before you proceed.

The online application form is lengthy, but it is easy to fill out. Be advised that you should fill out all the required details.

You may be required to submit a resume upon application. Create a curriculum vitae that is comprehensive, yet concise. This will make it easier for your recruiter to know more about you.

BCBG is a well-known fashion brand; therefore, you are not just applying for a company. You are being interviewed for a position at one of the best fashion names, which is why preparation is key.

Facts about BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria started because of the founder’s passion in providing classy, chic and elegant women’s apparel. Because of this passion, the designer is recognized by fashion experts and world-renowned organizations.

Some of his awards include being the California Designer of the Year in 1995, The Fashion Performance Award in 1997 and the Fashion Excellence Award during the 33rd Annual Dallas Fashion Awards in 2008.

The fashion brand encourages its clients to shop for a cause. It launched different events such as the “Be Chic by Giving” campaign that help different charities and organizations.

BCBG was able to support charities such as the Shelter Partnership, Caring for Others, Women in Need, Women on the Rise and Connection

Application Links

Company: http://www.bcbg.com/

Careers: http://www.bcbgmaxazriagroup.com/careers/

Application: http://www.bcbgmaxazriagroup.com/careers/apply/

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