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The fashion industry has greatly reached a point where everyone needs it and they’re talking about it.  With over 900 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Maurices has reached a higher level of sales and product since they first opened in 1931 in Duluth, Minnesota. Maurices’ application can now be filled out online or in person if are interested in a career in fashion.

They have acquired many brand names throughout the decades including Lane Bryant, Justice, and Dress Barn.  They are currently running under the Ascena Retail Group, Inc.  Their choices in styles and collections serve the average woman from sizes 1-24 and are versatile in forms.  They offer styles perfect for work, casual adventures, classy outings, and more.

To fill out a Maurices’ application, you may go online and download application form or apply online.  Their company was rated one of the top ten places to work in by Forbes.  They are very fashion forward and always looking for the next best thing.  They are a group of innovators loving to look good and offer a great variety in women’s clothing.

Christopher Straub, from the reality show Project Runway, has certainly made a name for himself and is currently featured as one of their labels. Maurices has definitely made a great name for themselves after all these decades and still have their headquarters in the original city where they first started. With their 900+ stores, there are many job opportunities for candidates looking to start a career in the retail fashion industry.

Maurices Careers

To find out how to apply for Maurices online, simply go to their online website and review the job descriptions.  There are many available openings at their many locations such as sales associate, assistant manager, stocker, and store manager.  Maurices jobs give candidates an opportunity to learn the retail fashion world and eventually move up to other positions in the industry.

Many of the Maurices careers allow you to learn and grow within the company and achieve a great knowledge on fashion lines, styles, trends, and more.  Their use internships as well to allow people to work closely with designers and account managers.  This helps bring in people with the passion needed to succeed in the industry.  Corporate positions are available and range from the basic accountant, all the way to design and marketing.

Maurices careers also come with many added benefits such as workers compensation, dependent care accounts, retirement plan, disability pay, vacations, medical, dental, and vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, and more.  Some of the distribution center positions include delivery driver, distribution analyst, assistant designer, technical designer, and more.

Maurices jobs are perfect for team players, designers, fashion lovers, and people who want to get ahead in their fashion careers.  There is in-depth training in all departments.

How old do you have to be to work at Maurices?

There is a minimum age of 16 years old to be able to work for Maurices.  Their stores are open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Maurices Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- Their responsibilities include helping customers pick out wardrobes according to their styles and needs while at the same time keeping up with the cleanliness of the store and assist in merchandising.  Their salary ranges from $8.25-$12 an hour.

Assistant Store Manager- They help open and close stores while coaching and supervising the sales team.  They help set up displays and ticket merchandise with the correct pricing. They also provide excellent customer service while keeping low theft rates.  They hourly pay is between $10.25 and $12.75 an hour.

Assistant Designer- They assist the designer with trend research and development.  They also maintain and organize samples.  They maintain good personal relationships with vendors and helps coordinate meetings and projects.  They make an average salary between $28k and $35k per year.

Project Manager- Help and manage the construction of new stores or distribution centers.  They coordinate the sale or lease with seller or landlord and execute proper standards when finalizing construction and contracts.  They salary is between $66k & $121k depending on the project.

Fit Model- Models try on the clothing given to them while giving feedback regarding the way it feels and how it fits.  They are sometimes required to stand for long periods of time and in front of a group of people.  They get an hourly pay of about $15-$25 an hour.

Maurices Interview Questions

When you send your Maurices job application online you will then need to be prepared to answer some interview questions that will be relevant to the particular job description noted on the online application.

Describe a time you did not make it to work on time. Being on time is extremely important in any job.  However, there are times when things come up that cannot be controlled.  For this question, tell them of a time you were unable to make it on time but either covered your shift or communicated with management with enough time of the problem.

How do you feel about training multiple people? Maurices has a team environment and being able to train multiple people is going to be part of your job.  Let them know that you would be willing to train people after you have received the proper training and after having the proper product knowledge in order to train and coach your colleagues.

Describe a time you had to bend the rules for a customer. This is a difficult question because no one really wants to bend the rules for a customer.  However, if you have the proper authorizations by management in order to accommodate the customer, then it is something that is worth doing.

What does accountability mean to you? Accountability for an employer is going to be trust and the fact that you can carry your own weight and accept failures with room for growth.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Describe in detail your current favorite fashion trend in a passionate manner where they can see you really care about fashion and keeping up with all the current trends.

Advice for Application Process

The easiest way to apply for jobs at Maurices is to send a direct application online to the store of your choice.  All applications are thoroughly reviewed by the hiring manager and don’t always require a resume.  Write your prior work history pertinent to the position you are applying to. To apply in person, it is a good idea to get the printable application for Maurices and take it in person.

The Maurices jobs online help you determine which position is better for your particular skills.  The online application you submit will tell you in detail what requirements are needed to fill the position.  Always read them carefully and prepare yourself for any interview questions pertaining to those specific skills.  Submitting a free application through either the printable application form or online immediately give candidates the opportunity for an interview.

Many local stores sometimes have hiring fairs whenever they are about to open a brand new location so it is a good idea to check online and with any of the locations in your area.  Employment opportunities will vary from store to store.  This is why applying online is best. Sharing the same passion for the fashion world is important because your interest in their store will seem genuine.

Dress to impress when going to your interview and bring a copy of your most current resume.  Because it is a retail fashion job, wear something that is professional yet stylish and within today’s trends.  All applications received sometimes take time to be completely reviewed prior to scheduling an interview.  It is okay to call the store and check if they received your application or made a decision.

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