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Mainly operating in Houston,Texas,  Bealls Texas is a chain of department stores. Their products are usually desirable brand names for apparels, accessories, cosmetics, homewares and others.

The Beall Brothers, Archie and Robbie, opened the first store in Henderson, Texas in 1923. They lost the company to Stage Stores Inc. during the 1980’s. At present, they have over 150 branches in 4 states.

Bealls Texas has around 2,700 employees working mainly for them. It has four other sister stores: Goodys, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage. The average size of one store is 18,000 selling square feet.

The company prioritizes the needs of their employees by providing health, vision, dental, life and accidental death insurance. Employees also undergo free annual health screening. Retirement plan, store discounts and bonuses are also enjoyed by the employees.

Employees are treated well by the management with fair benefits. With the help of their co-workers and the management, they have an assurance that they will stay in a great workplace. Part-time employees can also enjoy flexible hours.

How Old do you Have to be to Work at Bealls Texas?

Bealls Texas can only accept applicants at least 18 years old for full-time or regular employees. Applicants at least 16 years old can also apply for a part-time position.

Bealls Texas Store- Careers

Store assistant – Priority task is to assist the customers with purchases. He is also in charge of restocking  items, doing inventories, arranging merchandise, and handling check-outs in the counter if ever assigned by the manager.

Help desk support – Help desk support usually assists customers with their queries about purchases and others. If directions are asked for a certain section or  questions are raised about the items or promos, its his duty to guide and help the customers.

Visual Merchandiser – in charge of window displays, mannequin set-ups and rack arrangements. His/her main responsibility is to ensure a good visual store profile. Installations, decorations and counter displays are also part of his responsibilty.

Store Manager – in charge of the daily operations. He handles and approves deliveries, purchases and orders, and ensures that employees work well during working hours. He should meet the target sales of the store.

Other jobs offered are assistant store managers, supervisors, and senior managers. These are mainly managerial jobs. There are also available jobs in the administrative department like human resource manager, hiring officer, and administration director or head.

Bealls Texas Store Application

Applicants need to visit their website and apply through an electronic form. The applicant can choose the store location and job position before sending his application. The hiring committee will screen the application afterwards.

The company only accepts online applications. However, other hiring procedures will be done in person or in the store. Applicants can also call the preferred stores to follow up on their applications after two weeks of submission.

Fill up the application form honestly. Include previous work experiences and educational background. Include your skills and expertise, especially those related to the position. You may also include other affiliated organizations.

Send the resume via email if possible. Avoid formatting your resume in a complex way. Don’t forget to convert the file to PDF to preserve the format. Include references. Ensure that your application is sent to the correct address and person.

Remember your skills and experiences. Understand the background of Bealls Texas and the responsibilities of the position. Prepare questions for the interviewer about the position. Dress appropriately to show the interviewer that you can represent the company. 

Facts About Bealls Texas

Bealls Texas gives importance to talent while providing satisfaction and delight to their trusted shoppers. It also gives effort to promote success to their customers and develop their well-beings.

During the first trimester of this year, the cost of the shares of Bealls Texas went down. To keep the other stores running, they decided to close some branches. The company has been in good shape since then.

For almost a hundred years, the company provided jobs to people. It also treats employees well. The present owner also makes sure that the visions and goals of the company remain the same.

The company gives back by participating in different community outreach programs. Donations from customers contribute to the 30-days-of-giving program, which the company also actively participates. They also sponsor various scholarships for different organizations.

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