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Located in Florida USA, Bealls Florida is a family-operated retail business. They offer various products including aparrels, footwears, bags, luggages, jewelry, housewares, and some home furniture items.

Founded in Bradenton, Florida in 1915 by Robert M. Beall, Sr., the first store sold dry goods using his entire savings as the capital. He lost his business to the bank during the crisis and repurchased it in 1944.

Bealls Florida opened 500 branches in 16 states. They have an accumulated sales of $1.5 Billion and hired over 12,000 employees. They are the recent recipient of the 2016 Retailer of the Year Award by Menswear Industry.

Employees receive several benefits including health and dental insurance, accidental death insurance and life insurance. There is an available 401(K)plan for their retirement. They also enjoy store discounts and paid holiday.

Employees enjoy receiving flexible hours and schedules upon request. They love their 20% purchase discounts. Fulltime and part-time employees also love the friendly environment and workplace plus the good management, which supervises them.

How old do you have to be to work at Bealls Florida?

Normally, you can start working at the age of 18 for full-time employees. The  company also allows part-time workers for the age of 16, but they only have limited work hours to abide with the law.

Bealls Florida Careers

Sales Assistant – Sales assistants are responsible for keeping the floor clean, assisting customers, selling items, returning items back to the racks, doing simple inventories and restocking merchandise.

Visual Merchandiser-  Visual merchandisers handle the window displays, rack arrangements, counter displays, and store installations. Their duties also include supervising visual production of the entire store. They are responsible for mannequin presentations and store installations.

In Store Area Manager–  In charge of 4 divisions, this position requires someone who can carry good management, leadership, decision-making and public relation skills. In addition, the manager also regulates and supervises daily operational activities  of the department store.

Store Manager – As the head of the store, his/her duty is to supervise the employees, the sales, and the merchandise. He/she assesses each side of store operations, and aims to increase sales and productivity.

Other careers that Bealls Florida offers are area manager, merchandise handler and marketing manager. Area manager supervises stores in his assigned area. Merchandise handler is responsible of the orders and purchases. A marketing manager handles the store’s marketing strategies.

Bealls Florida Application

Check the job requirements first for any instructions before applying. To apply, you need to bring all the requirements with the application form. Include a resume. Send the application through email or to their head office.

The company accepts online applications through their website. In store or walk in application is also possible. Applicants can choose to send their applications via mail or give it to the hiring head personally.

Write only accurate details to avoid disqualification in case the company will do a background check. Include a detailed employment history, including the positions you held in the past. Also, include your recent pay rate and the reason for leaving your previous company.

Follow the instructions in the job postings. The resume should have simple formatting. Convert the resume to PDF to retain the formatting. Include your skills, expertise and abilities. Be sure to send it to the right person and address.

Think ahead of possible questions and prepare possible answers for the interview. Inform your references by contacting them ahead. Let them know that you will have an interview. Wear formal and presentable clothes.

Things to Know About Bealls Florida

Bealls Florida proved to remain as a family after everything the company has faced. The company is famous for its philosophy and strategy – feed the money to the business, not take it out from the business.

The company, recipient of the 2016 Retailer of the Year Award, has been moving forward towards its goal of becoming a specialty boutique department store. As their net worth increases, the CEO promises to open more stores in other states.

Bealls Florida is now entering the second century in the industry. It has been passed down to the fourth generation of smart entrepreneurs The company reveals their secret: always listen to the customers and live their lifestyle.

The company, a United Way contributor, has also established a charity named after its founder. The foundation has been providing scholarships for its employees and dependents. As of now, there are already more than 600 released scholarships.

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