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Located in San Fransisco, California, Bechtel Construction is a leading construction and civil engineering company in the US. Its goal is to deliver projects to clients, creating progress and economic growth in the long run.

In 1898, Warren Betchel founded this privately owned company. He started simply with his team of mules and constructed railroads in Oklahoma. In 1906, he succesfully earned his first subcontract. The success of Bechtel Construction continues since then.

It is the 9th-largest privately owned American company. It has over 53,000 employees. It is seen as the most respected construction company in the US and even in the world.

Employee benefits include life, health, medical, vision and dental insurance and a great retirement or 401(K) Plan. The company generously gives vacation and travel allowances. Employees also automatically become Trust and Thrift Program members.

Employees highly appreciate the high 401(K) plan contribution of the company. They also enjoy the benefits offered to them, particularly their travel allowances and vacation benefits. That said, it’s no longer surprising why many people love working here.

How Old do you Have to be to Work at Betchel Construction?

Job applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply for the company.There are also other job positions taht will require high school diploma and at least an age of 21.

Betchel Construction Career

Laborer – This position involves intense tasks and extreme physical activities. Laborers need to handle responsibilities like transporting heavy objects and collecting debris from assigned projects.

Receptionist – This is a clerical job with an expected understanding of office work and responsibility. Typical duties include encoding data, copying paperworks, photocopying of documents and constantly answering the phone.

Civil Engineer – holds important supervision duties in a construction site. He is in charge of the structural design of an infastructure, so he needs to make sure it is constructed accordingly. The laborers and carpenters should follow the civil engineer’s instructions at all times.

Architect – Main responsbility is to design the exterior of the infrastructure and the floor plan. As the designers of the exterior layout and the floor lay-out, they work together with the civil engineer to carry out the construction plan.

Other jobs in Bechtel Construction include foreman, carpenter, mason, electrician, painter and checker. The management department of the company also has budget manager, project manager and  human resource manager. You can also access other open positions in their website.

Betchel Company Application

Applicants can visit the website and check for any available position suitable for their skills. They also have the option to fill up the form online. The hiring committee will check the application before they can request for an interview.

There is an online application in their website as well as a walk-in application. Visit their website and check for available positions. It is advisable to choose a position, which is a perfect match to your skills, expertise and knowledge.

Fill out the application form with accurate details. Make sure that accurate inforamtion are provided in the sections requiring your educational background, work experience, skills and expertise. References should also be included.

Format your resume simply. Send it to the hiring staff via mail or email. Your resume should clearly demonstrate your experience, skills and expertise in your prefered field. Include successful projects in the past.

Be ready to answer questions regarding past affiliated projects if there are any. Bring pictures of the projects in case the interviewer will ask. Understand what the company looks for in the position. Know your experience and skills, so you can answer appropriately. Be on time and make sure to wear proper attire.

Facts About Bechtel Construction

Bechtel Construcion accepts different views. They actively build an inclusive and diverse environment where all collaborative ideas are welcomed. Opinions are encouraged, making the workplace more open. They are proud of what they do and enjoy doing it.

The company finished the construction of Qatar’s very own Hamad International Airport this year. Built to handle 50 million passengers a year, the airport matches the foot traffic of New York’s JFK International Airport.

With a $40 million revenue in 2015, the company is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. It is also the 7th placer among the 25 Most Important Private Companies awarded by Fortune.

Bechtel Construction has a Global Stewardship Month program, which is similar to an outreach program. This focuses on educating young children to become future professionals and improving poor housing to improve the quality of life of the residents in the community.

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