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KBR Construction

KBR is an American contractor company. It offers professional construction services, oil and gas services, government services, and technologies focused on hydrocarbon monetization. Their main office is located at Houston, Texas.

KBR stands for Kellogg Brown & Root. This company was born in 1998 out of two merging construction companies – M.W. Kellogg Company and Brown & Root. Since then, it embarked on strengthening its performance in the oil and gas industry.

The company operates in around 40 countries and employs about 27,000 staff. Company recognitions include Houston Business Journal’s Deal of the Year and the 2014 Investors in People Gold Award for its UK branch.

Employees receive a benefits package inclusive of medical, dental and vision plans, health screenings, 401(k) savings account, paid time off, life insurance, and a dedicated employee assistance program. They also enjoy perks like home insurance, pet insurance, and discounts.

Global projects and challenging opportunities are what makes employees stay with this company. They are eager to hone their skills by working for the company. They also become part of a big accomplishment with every project they finish.

How old do you have to be to work at KBR?

The firm is an Equal Opportunity employer. There are no clear-cut rules as to age requirements for jobs. However, since the vacancies center on technical work, skilled candidates in their late 20s and early 30s are most welcome to apply.

KBR Careers

Project Administrative Specialist: This is an administrative post which mainly requires clerical duty. The administrative specialist acts as a general receptionist and performs data entry, retrieval, and project-related tasks. He also provides secretarial support for a particular department.

Laborer: The laborer functions at a work site and performs general construction site preparations. He is responsible for moving equipment, setting up concrete, finishing of surfaces, and maintaining previously-done projects. He is also in charge of general housekeeping services.

Machine Operator: This post is for people who can handle daily on-site machine operations. The job requires movement of needed machines to the worksite, operating them, and performing clean-ups and maintenance thereafter.

Subcontracts Administrator: This career post requires knowledge of procurement and subcontracting. The subcontracts administrator oversees procurement activities, requests and receives proposals, and keeps files related to subcontracting activities.

Apart from the need for increased engineers and construction-related workers, there are other career paths available. These include positions for work planners/schedulers, cost control principal specialists, compensation specialists, laboratory technicians, and industrial hygienists.

KBR Application

Interested applicants may send an email to the company’s recruitment department. They may also apply online via the company website. The application process may take around 3 months, depending on the nature and urgency of the position.

Online application is readily available on the site’s careers page. There are six options available, simply select one to start browsing vacancies in that area. Applications from staffing agencies and employee referrals are also accepted.

Applicants may click on the Apply Online button located above the job title on the job description page. They will be redirected to a company log-in page and will be asked to create an online applicant account.

Resumes may be sent via email. Applicants are advised to indicate the title of the position they’re eyeing for. Since KBR mostly focuses on technical jobs, it helps to include specific skills, machines operated, and certifications in the resume.

Interview questions may range from the usual getting-to-know-the-candidate types to broader questions related to the position. Candidates must be ready about their knowledge of the industry. Personal work experiences may also be asked.

Things to know about KBR

The company stands by its values of quality, safety, and integrity. The company is committed to provide quality services without compromising the safety of its people and the environment. Employees work in a setting where trust and respect is present.

The company has been consistently blessed with large projects. For instance, they were awarded several Infrastructure contracts for Australia. They were also given contracts for the Indonesian Gas Infrastructures, and its Engineering Services Contract with Saudi Aramco was extended.

The company handles large-scale projects involving petrochemical complexes, military bases, gas infrastructures, and military heavy equipment transporters. They are able to keep and maintain these projects in a safe, secured, and excellent condition.

The Discover Engineering Committee spearheaded by engineers provides education to deserving young students. The company contributes financially to international charity causes. Charity golf tournaments are also held in Houston, the proceeds of which are directed to local Houston charities.

Application Links:

Company: https://www.kbr.com/

Careers: https://kbr.com/careers

Application: [email protected]

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