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Best Buy is known for its exceptional electronic products ranging from laptop computers, printers, and mobile electronics. Interestingly 70% of the population in the U.S. is within 15 miles of a best buy, making the company not only accessible but also the most popular location for technology products.

The company has been around for nearly 50 years since 1996. A man named Richard Schulze first created the company with the original name of Sound of Music. Richard was raised in Saint Paul Minnesota. Before deciding to sell electronics, Richard enlisted in the U.S. Air Force with the Minnesota Air National Guard.

Currently, a man by the name of Hubert Joly is the chairman and CEO of Best Buy. Under his administration, there are around 1600 stores in North America. These stores annually rake in about $40 billion dollars a year.

The industry has a comprehensive recycling program. Each minute the stores are open, Best Buy collects a total of 409 pounds of electronics. Focus areas in sustainability include responsible sourcing, sustainable products, carbon reduction, and recycling.

In addition to environmental concern Best Buy is also concerned with policy and advocacy. Policy areas include marketplace fairness, privacy, connectivity, and financial services. Best Buy advocates in these areas to ensure the efficiency and fairness of a business environment.

Best Buy Careers

There are many career paths to be considered at Best Buy. One could have to option of working in retail, logistics, and corporate positions. As an employee working in retail there are an assortment of jobs for motivated individuals who wish to jumpstart a career working with people and business.

Working in logistics can provide a number of benefits as well. Since Best Buy is one of the largest multi-channel electronics retailers in the U.S, Canada, China, Europe and Mexico; there are a number of paths to choose that will not fall short of whatever interests you may pursue.

In the corporate world at Best Buy, you can also find a number of fields that will provide a satisfactory Best Buy career. There are an enormous amount of fields to work in such as legal, human resources, advertising, accounting, and creative arts.

How old do you have to be to work at Best Buy?

Jobs at the retail level require individuals to be at the age of 18 during the Best Buy application process. At the distribution or corporate level most jobs require individuals to be around the age of 21 at the time of a Best Buy application with a college degree. Check the job description to ensure that you are at the sufficient age to apply.

Wide arrays of benefits are awarded to employees who work at Best Buy. For full time employees health benefits are included such as dental, medical, vision, life and disability. Best Buy has 401(k) accounts and gives the opportunity for employees to purchase stock.

Best Buy Job Descriptions

Sales Consultant – A consultant is the most common Best Buy job. They are the individuals on the floor selling electrical products in an informational and respective manner to customers. Sales consultants have the option of working in a number of fields such as mobile, home theatre, gaming, and entertainment. Sales consultants make a base pay of $10/hr plus commission.

Inventory Specialist – People in this position are responsible for shipping and receiving merchandise to the store. Specialists are also required to stock merchandise in the warehouse which includes the ability to lift upwards of 50 pounds. Inventory Specialists make around $11/hr.

Customer Service Specialist – A service specialist is responsible for all transaction operations and regular customer interactions. People working as specialists are required to be knowledgeable in products, as they often walk customers through trade-ins, exchanges, and returns. Individuals working in customer service can expect $10/hr.

Merchandising Specialist – This position is primarily responsible for up-stocking merchandise to ensure that the store always has proper inventory for sufficient operation. Besides primary tasks, secondary tasks may include functionality tests, and checking truck shipments. Individuals in this position make around $12/hr.

Asset Protection Associate – Associates monitor the store during operation to ensure the store is preforming in a manner that is a safe, secure and profitable environment. Other responsibilities include protection against fraudulent activity and documenting any incidents that may occur in the store. Associates make $11/hr.

Best Buy Interview Questions

What should happen to someone who has stolen from the store? This question is ethical. Try to respond by imagining situations. If someone stole from the store it depends on the situation when that individual stole. Simply explaining that they should be punished does not show critical thinking. Imagine situations were fellow coworkers may steal as well. It will show you have the ability to plan for incidents.

How would you go about guiding someone through his or her issues?  Working in a tech environment requires knowledge of the products that are sold in the environment. At a Best Buy interview, try talking about a situation where a customer is looking for a laptop. Explain to them how you will walk through a variety of products to find what they are looking for. Showing an example of people skills will help greatly in answering this question.

Describe a time where you went above and beyond. For this question, do not talk about a time where you just excelled. Try talking about a time you overcame something that was difficult. Showing you can learn and improve in areas you may lack in is the greatest way to show you can go above the normal expectations.

Why do you want to work at Best Buy? If you like technology, it would be perfect to emphasize this during the interview questions. Talk about the technology you may own. In addition to the products you own, explain your knowledge of computers and mobile devices; this will show you have the ability to help a customer in need, including your desire to work.

Advice for Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Best Buy online, a downloadable application form can be found from a link attached below to find Best Buy jobs. All the online applications you may find for a Best Buy career are free applications to apply for Best Buy jobs online. If you do not own a personal computer you can go to your local Best Buy and receive a direct application or a printable application for Best Buy.

When you fill out an application always ensure you create a printable application form for records. Before the interview it would be best to call your potential employer to verify an interview date. Showing that you are willing to keep contact with you employer before the interview shows a desire to work.

If you lack experience in technology, try to familiarize yourself with some of the products Best Buy may sell. Go to their web site and try to find links on products that interest you. Finding something interesting will make it easy to memorize information about the product that you can use to impress the interviewer at the interview.

Sometimes what makes an interview the hardest is the lack of preparation before the interview date. If you have someone who can help you, try staging a mock interview with a friend or family member. Use the questions provided in this article. Doing so will prepare you to answer questions quickly.

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