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Academy Sports + Outdoors

The sporting industry has been around for years.  Academy is one of the four retail sports and outdoors leaders in the United States.  Information on the Academy Sports and Outdoors application and how to apply for Academy Sports online can be accessed through their direct application link in their careers website.

Starting as a tire shop I 1938, the idea of selling goods for sporting and other major outdoor interests grew into what is now a premier sporting and outdoor goods retailer that tailors their products to every type of sport or outdoor activity regardless of your level or experience.  Their products range from hunting and fishing gear, athletic shoes and apparel, golfing equipment, tennis, and more.

Throughout the years they have morphed into a one stop shop for accessories and equipment needed to have a great outdoor experience or succeed in any store.  They currently operate over 200 stores throughout the southeastern U.S. with their main headquarter in the Hutchinson, TX area.  One of their missions and visions is to provide the best quality products that customers are looking for at the lowest and best price.

The Academy Sports careers are also part of their mission and vision.  They value and treat their associates with the respect they deserve while providing job opportunities to new candidates and providing promotions from within the company to deserving and hardworking associates.  A fun working environment and a core value to care for the customer’s needs first is what makes them a great company to work for.

Academy Sports Careers

With their associate’s values in mind, clearly Academy Sports and Outdoors jobs are highly sought after.  People with interests in sports and outdoors are perfect candidates for any position with this company.  Any knowledge in sports, gear, and equipment will serve as an asset to the company.  Their mission is to provide enough training and development to their associates to be able to provide excellent customer service.

Employment opportunities can be found in both full time and part time positions as well as seasonal.  Sales associates, assistant managers, team leaders, and store managers.  In order to apply for any of these positions, you must fill out an Academy Sports and Outdoors job application online or go to your local store in person with a printable application form.  There is always a job opportunity at any of their locations.

Corporate positions are also available to those that have the required certifications and education credentials.  Positions in the corporate department include accounts payable, project manager, e-commerce account manager, internet marketing professional, and more.  The many benefits that come with being an employee is a retirement fund, medical insurance, employee discount, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Academy Sports and Outdoors?

The minimum age is 18 years old for a prospective candidate to be considered for employment.  Their stores open daily from 8am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday and 9 am to 8 pm on Sundays. Academy Sports and Outdoors jobs online are under their careers link and have detailed job descriptions.  You may apply online or in person.

Academy Sports Job Descriptions

Team Sports Sales Associate- Provides great customer service by looking up products requested by customers. Re-stocks and sets sales signs around the store. Maintains cordial communication with clients and uses knowledge to educate and help customers.  They make an average pay of $9 per hour.

Cashier- Runs the register and promptly checks out customers.  Answers telephones and provides excellent customer service.  Assists customers with locating products and balances cash register at the end of their shifts.  Performs housekeeping duties and sets up promotional signage. Their hourly wage is around $9.25 an hour.

Team Leader- Trains and motivates associates to ensure proper company policies are being followed.  Assists customers and associates as needed.  Works closely with management to reach sales goals and helps with employee reviews.  Sets up merchandise displays as per management instructions. They make approximately $11 per hour.

Asset Protection Associate- Acknowledges new customers entering the store and greets them welcoming them to the store.  Processes returns and exchanges.  Assists in theft prevention while following company protocol.  Their hourly pay is around $10 an hour.

Management- Oversees daily store operations while working closely with store departments to ensure company policies are being followed.  Hires and trains new employees.  Managers make an annual salary between $40 and $70 depending on level of management.

Academy Sports Interview Questions

Interviews are set up by the hiring managers after receiving the direct application when you apply online and you must be able to answer a few select questions regarding the position you are seeking.

Do you have any outdoor hobbies? Showing any passion for the outdoors will exhibit a desire to want to work there and show them that you share the same passion as they do.  Anything from grilling to running activities will constitute as outdoor hobbies.

Do you like sports? Pick your favorite sport and describe why you like it.  If you don’t really like sports you can talk about other activities such as tailgating or camping. You will be able to connect better with customers if you enjoy any of those things.

Why do you want to work here? Having a base knowledge of the company and what they offer their employees is important prior to applying for a position.  Talk about what they offer and why you want to work there in the most positive manner.

Can you work flexible hours? Retail jobs require associates to work flexible hours including weekends and some holidays.  Hours vary with each position and store.  Specify during your interview which days and times you are available to work.

How do you overcome an angry customer? Being able to solve customer problems is an important asset to have when working in a retail store.  Explain how you would handle an angry customer and how you would solve their issue.

Advice for Application Process

When you apply for jobs at Academy Sports and Outdoors you must first determine which position and location you want to apply for.  You may view the Academy Sports and Outdoors careers in their careers website and apply online.  If you would rather go in person, you may get a printable application for Academy Sports and Outdoors and return it to the store along with a copy of your most current resume.

Academy Sports and Outdoors careers are very regarding and highly sought after.  In order to be considered for employment, you must send in the free application fully filled out and wait for an interview.  Many stores are normally hiring during seasonal times.  Applications for seasonal positions are also available online.  Working a seasonal position will give you the opportunity to get a permanent job with them.

When you browse through the open positions before you submit the online application, review the responsibilities and requirements prior to submitting the application.  You may download application form and submit it in person if you wish and ask the receiving manager any questions you may have regarding the positions they are hiring for.  Dress in business casual in case they offer you an immediate interview.

Because the nature of the business is of fun and adventure, approach the interview process in a casual but professional manner.  Study and review the position you applied for as well as the company’s core values.  Answer each interview question confidently and with upmost honesty.  Any knowledge or passion in the sports and outdoors field will be a great advantage as you will feel more comfortable speaking about it.

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