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Big Boy is a hamburger chain, which operates five states in the US and all over Japan. Its signature double-decker cheese burger has delighted diners for generations. Its mascot is also a well-recognized icon, adding to the nostalgic feel of the brand.

It was founded in 1936 by Bob Wian. It was then called Bob’s Pantry and first opened in Glendale California. Over the years, the chain changed names as well as ownership.

The restaurant chain has over 80 locations within the US and over 200 in Japan. With numerous franchisees operating with the brand, it is known for a dynamic menu that depends on the franchise.

It offers employees a competitive compensation package and provides flexible work schedules and opportunity for growth. It is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

The work environment at the company is one, which is dynamic and fun. Employees enjoy the team-oriented and supportive culture promoted by the chain.

How old do you have to be to work at Big Boy?

If you want to work here, then take note that the minimum age requirement for applicants and employees is 16.

Big Boy Careers

Cashier/Greeter – sets the tone for the customer’s experience. They welcome diners into the restaurant and ensure they get the help they need when placing their order. It requires excellent customer service skills to interact with different types of diners.

Servers – interacts with customers by providing prompt and courteous service that the brand is known for. It requires above average people skills and knowledge of the menu.

Cooks – responsible for preparing quality and tasty menu items in a timely manner. It requires the ability to work under minimal supervision, attention to cleanliness and passion for preparing meals to perfection.

Buffet Attendants – in charge of ensuring that the buffet is kept visually appealing and well-stocked. The job requires solid time management and customer service skills.

There are also management positions such as unit shift leader and assistant store manager available. The company also has corporate job openings such as marketing, finance and legal.

Big Boy Application

The best way to apply at the company is to visit the nearest location. You can submit your resume and fill out the application form on site. Interviews are usually scheduled a couple of days after handing in your application.

Big Boy also has a career portal on its website where you can apply online. You can use the different search functions available to check if the job you want is available. The portal will ask that you create a profile before allowing you to submit an application.

Fill out the application forms carefully and make sure to provide the most updated information. Your contact details are important so they can contact you for important reasons such interview schedules.

The resume that you will be submitting will be used along with the application form. Make sure to list necessary details that were not included in the form. Relevant skills and previous jobs should be on your resume to increase the chances of getting hired.

Interviews at are generally informal. However, this does not mean you don’t need to prepare. Dress appropriately and practice how you will respond to typical interview questions such as why you chose Big Boy.

Things to Know About Big Boy

Big Boy promotes a dynamic and fun environment that focuses on ensuring customers have a great dining experience. From well-prepared food to exceptional customer service, every single detail is carefully handled.

The casual dining hamburger chain has been featured in the news with its continuous expansion. The owners are working on bringing Big Boy to more diners by opening new locations.

It is famous for its double deck cheeseburger. What started out as a burger prepared for curious teens eventually turned into the chain’s biggest money-maker.

Big Boy is passionate about giving back to the community. It has been running a program called Charity for the month since 1996. Customers vote for which of the listed charities will receive a donation from the chain.



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