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Big O Tires operates in over 15 US states. It is the second largest tire retailer franchiser. In addition to other brands, it also markets its own private line. Aside from selling tires, it offers basic maintenance and services such as filter changes and installation.

The company was founded in 1962. A group of independent tire dealers decided to form a co-op so they can compete with the stores owned by the major manufacturers. By banding together, they were able to get volume discounts that let them resell at a competitive price.

The co-op grew into a franchise and now operates over 400 independently owned locations. It is recognized for its innovative franchise model and the degree of service it offers loyal customers.

Employment benefits vary depending on the franchise locations. Eligible employees may receive medical and dental coverage, 401k and paid time off. Part-time employees are often given discounts as a perk of their employment

People enjoy working at Big O Tires because of the growth opportunities. Employees can move up from being associates to management positions and even franchise owners.

How old do you have to be to work at Big O Tires?

The company has a minimum age requirement of 18 for all its applicants and employees.

Big O Tires Careers

Sales Person – interacts with the customer to assist and help make the best purchase. It requires extensive knowledge about the different types of tires and wheels and which car make and model these will fit.

Cashier – handles a various tasks based on the franchise. The key responsibilities include managing point-of-sale transactions, returns and exchanges. This job requires proficiency with numbers and ability to work under minimal supervision.

Tire Technician – responsible for installing, mounting and balancing tires. This position requires previous job experience of working in the same capacity. Formal or vocational education is also a must.

Lube Technician– performs maintenance service on customer cars including tire rotation, headlight replacement and oil changes. On the job training is available for applicants without any prior experience.

Corporate positions and other in store job opportunities are also available. Other openings include store manager, bookkeeper and service technician.

Big O Tires Application

Since job requirements and tasks vary per franchise location, the best way to apply is to visit the nearest store. Applications are processed independently at these locations.

You can also submit your application on the portal at Big O Tire’s career page. The site provides a list of job openings that are often available at the different franchise locations.

The online application also has an evaluation test that you need to complete. Be sure to free up at least half an hour to complete it. Rushing through the evaluation may have an adverse effect on your application.

Since most of the job openings require specific skills and previous experience, be sure to check if your resume is updated. The last thing you want to happen is to miss out on an opportunity because of a bad resume.

Interviews will be specific to the position you are applying for. If you are looking to fill a technician post, prepare yourself for situational technical questions. It’s advisable to review on specific technical skills so you can give appropriate responses.

Things to Know About Big O Tires

Big O Tires takes pride in providing quality products and service to its customers. This is the reason its loyalty ratings are high and its popularity continues to rise.

Big O Tires annually awards and recognizes its top franchisees. Its Hall of Fame program honors individuals who exemplified the company’s values of providing quality service to customers.

It is a company known for its unique franchise model. Franchise owners can run their branches independently as long as they conform to the standards set.

This extraordinary franchise is also dedicated to not just giving back to the communities, but is also active in the green movement. They work with professional recyclers to help manage fluid taken from the vehicles they service.



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