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Rotisserie chicken has always been one of the most sought after comfort foods throughout the U.S.  Boston Market, formerly known as Boston Chicken, has been providing Americans with delicious and affordable meal since 1985. Founded by Arthur Cores, Boston Market has since grown into a place where a home-made meal can be purchased for the price of fast food. The Boston Market job application online is easy to find.

The food made at Boston Market is fresh and has that sweet home-made taste everyone craves.  They have competitive prices with most of the fast food chains and win by providing that flavorful meal everyone one is looking for.  Since they were bought out by McDonalds, they have now ventured into catering and serving take home food that is ready to heat and serve in more than 450 locations.

Boston Market started as Boston Chicken in Massachusetts in 1985 and served mainly rotisserie chicken.  In 1995, they changed their name to Boston Market after the introduction of smoked ham.  Throughout the years they have introduced more side dishes and desserts such as McNeese, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and corn bread.  They want for people to enjoy their dining experience as well as their ready-to-heat meals.

The Boston Market jobs have been able to teach and show their employees that being in a “fast food” type restaurant can feel and be just like being at fancy restaurant or even feel like they are at home.  The information that follows will tell you what you need to know on how to apply for Boston Market online using their direct application form targeted for a specific job description.  The Boston application link can be found in their website.

Boston Market Careers

Boston Market jobs allow for each employee to grow within the company and develop skills to help them succeed.  Boston Market careers give you the ability to do and live a good life while doing what you love by providing exceptional food and service to each person that walks through the door.  They provide the training necessary for each associate to succeed.

Each associate is enabled to work to a higher position through their hard work and proven training provided by the company.  Each level in the company teaches different skills needed for the next job in line. The starting level is as a crew member or driver.  Then you can become a certified trainer leading to an hourly shift manager.  After successfully completing that, you can become a manager in training which will lead to being an assistant manager.

The benefits of continuing your employment with Boston Market, not only get you to becoming a general manager, area manager, or director of operations, but also medical and retirement benefits.  These benefits are given to hourly shift manager and other hourly employees with exemptions.  These benefits include vision, dental, medical insurance, a 401k plan, flexible spending accounts, and employee assistance program.

How old do you have to be to work at Boston Market?

People as early as 15 years old can work for this company.  They open every day from 11 am and close at 9:30 pm.  The Boston Market job application online directs you to each specific job they are hiring for in the many of their local stores.  To apply for jobs at Boston Market, simply go to their careers website or download application form and go in person requesting an interview for employment.

Boston Market Job Descriptions

Crew Member/Driver- – As a crew member, your responsibilities may be cashier, dishwasher, carver, or food prep.  Each crew member has a different set of duties.  Cashiers take the customer’s orders and process payments.  Dishwashers take care of the cleanliness of the restaurant, food preps prepare the food according to the food health standards. Carvers take care of the chicken and prepare it for the customers. Starting at $8.25/hr.

Certified Trainer- They inspire, teach, and motivate each team member to achieve success.  They are experts in all fields and develop their skills to become successful managers in training.  They assist people and provide good customer service while serving the best food available.  Their take home pay is an hourly wage of $9.25-$12.75 an hour.

Hourly Shift Supervisor- Continuously motivate each manager and employee by teaching them great customer service.  They work closely with management to ensure that everyone is complying with company policies while still maintaining high revenue.  Their average salary is between $27k and $33k.

Manager-in-training- As the position name explains, they are training alongside the managers to learn the ins and outs of the store, procedures, and policies.  They watch closely and learn exactly what they need to do to motivate and teach their employees the proper way to reach the overall store’s success.  Their annual income is around $55k.

Assistant General Manager- AGMs are generally the right hand of the general manager walking in his/her shoes when not available.  They assist in scheduling, training, and motivation of each employee.  AGMs make about %55k to $58k per year,

General Manager- They run the store in its entirety by the supervision and delegation of needed work. They work closely with marketing directors, they complete the hiring process and maintain sales by assisting and training their staff properly.  GMs make about $60 to $66k a year.

Boston Market Interview Questions

Each online application will be looked at for an interview consideration, which will require you to be able answer some interview questions properly.

Are you willing to be working for long hours per shift? Every restaurant or fast food place requires the ability to be able to work on your feet for long periods of time.  Should you have a medical issue, please advise your interviewer of that.  If not, always say yes.

Have you ever worked in the restaurant/fast food industry before? Although experience is not required, having a little bit of knowledge of the food and fast food industry can be beneficial.  Each restaurant or fast food chain is different so tell them of your current experience working for any of them if you have it.

If offered a career with Boston Market, would you be willing to be promoted? Every company wants to know that they are hiring someone who will work hard to move in in the company.  This tells them that you are a hard worker and that you have ambition.  Tell them your future career goals always sounding positive.

Do you have experience working in a fast food/paced environment? Every restaurant regardless of whether it is fast food or not always functions in a fast pace environment.  Let them know that you are good at working quick and efficiently.

What are your long-term goals?  Again, like one of the previous questions above, they want to know that you are looking forward to working extra hard to get to where they are.  Tell them where you want to be in five years.

Advice for Application Process

Each application for a specific position is a readily printable application for Boston Market.  Boston Market careers can be easily attained through filling out the printable application form and taking it to the many locations Boston Market has to offer.  The Boston Market jobs online also offer a free application with many job opportunities.  Apply online after carefully reading each positions with the required skills.

Interviews are normally short in nature and don’t necessarily require you to have a resume. Business casual attire is recommended but not required.  The interviews will more than likely be held at the location you selected on the online application or the one you personally applied to.  Restaurant experience is not required as Boston Market has training university that will give you the skills you need to succeed.

The food and hospitality industry does require you to have an upbeat personality as well as being able to have open availability.  Please let your interviewer know of any time or days that you are unavailable to work.  The restaurant industry and particularly this company, has hours starting from 11 am to 9:30 pm which means that you won’t be required to work early or late hours each day.

The benefits of working for Boston Market not only are monetary, but will also help you grow into a great career in the food and hospitality industry.  Many of the people in charge started out as a crew member and worked their way up the ladder into their corporate and managerial position the have today.  With the Boston Market University training and the right attitude, you can get very far in this company.


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