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Headquartered in El Segundo, California, with over 400 stores in several states mostly in the west of the U.S., Big 5 is a popular sporting goods retail store. The stores name arose out of originally having a five Army-Navy surplus in 1955 based in Southern California. The company has many major sporting goods retail competitors throughout the U.S. The company sells both brand-name and private-label equipment and apparel.

With the chain specializing in sporting goods the name “Big 5 Sporting Goods” came from United Merchandising. In 1997 the company recapitalized and the majority ownership was being passed to employees. In 2002 the store went public. The store competes against superstores with its 11,000-square-foot layout and requiring less space. With a limited selection and low profile fixtures, the store takes a neighborhood approach and excels with superior customer service.

Types of activities to shop for at the store include ones such as camping, fishing, fitness, golf, tennis, snowboarding, and other athletic and outdoor happenings. Being a top retailer of name brand sporting goods and fittings, the company has decided to stick with keep a neighborhood appealing storefront rather than large superstores. The company also offers sales of these items through their online e-commerce platform.

To find out how to apply for jobs at Big 5 online and an online free application go to their website. There are many fantastic Big 5 jobs online and there is likely a local one near you that you can look into by doing an easy search at their online career center. There are a variety of Big 5 careers and one is for sure a match for you.

Big 5 Careers

Love exploring the outdoors using the best gear? If so, Big 5 has a career for you, either part-time or full-time, at their headquarters or one of their several locations. There are career-minded professional opportunities in management or even jobs for students beginning employment at a local storefront if you apply for a job with Big 5.

The company has a diverse work environment offering many options to start or advance your career. Sometimes even administrative positions open up at their main facility in addition to their many retail positions. An example of a unique position the company seeks for is Class A Truck drivers. You can apply online for one of the Big 5 jobs available on their website.

How old do you have to be to work at Big 5?

You must be at least 18 years of age. You can start off with a part-time or full-time job depending upon your interest. A background check is required for consideration of employment for all applicants regardless of age.

Many benefits including schedule flexibility and competitive pay for the industry come with Big 5 jobs. Great advantages to working for the company is an opportunity to work with like-minded people in a customer-friendly environment and grow in your learning of the outdoors. For a retail company some great perks include low-cost health plans, a 401k package plan, and days of PTO.

Open hours for Big 5 store locations can vary by site location so it’s best to call the local store or use the online store locator on their website for specific hours. Most commonly stores are open from 9:30am-9:30pm during the week, with slight variations on weekends. Most stores are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas days with reduced hours on other holidays.

Big 5 Job Descriptions

Sales Cashier – This position usually starts as an entry level part-time one with training available. For this role you an outdoor and/or sports enthusiast, interested in helping customers. You must have the ability to stand for hours, bend, and lift. You will be responsible for manning the register and other around store duties. Pay starts about minimum wage with increases up to around $10/hour.

Retail Sales Associate –Full-time careers in this role are usually filled by those with a strong customer service background, who pay attention to detail, and hold an enthusiasm for the outdoors. Responsibilities include ones of offering customer’s product explanations and recommendations, keeping up with store presentation, cleaning, stocking, pricing, and sales as needed. Hourly pay ranges from minimum wage to about $13, depending on experience.

Order Filler- You must have 3-6 months of related experience or training and basic math skills to meet the expectations of this swing shift, job description. You will be required to pull orders from various establishments and transfer and distribute the products, as well as fill requisitions and work orders, and retrieve, mark, and place orders for materials, tools, and other items. Yearly salary average is $30,000. 

Manager Trainee/Management- The Manager Trainee is a temporary entry position in highly-developed training lasting typically 6-18 months before being promoted to a Manager. Store responsibilities will include managing sales and service, helping customers with knowledge about products, promoting sales, overseeing merchandise storage areas, cleaning, restocking, and organizing. Once in management you will also hire, train, and supervise employees. Pay range for Trainees is $11-$13 hourly and Managers from $40,000-$50,000 yearly.

Big 5 Interview Questions

Some questions you may be asked by Big 5 staff during an interview are listed below.

What are some of your strengths and some of your weaknesses? This question will help the hiring manager determine how well you match with the image the company wants to present. It will also assess how well you see yourself and if you accept feedback and are willing to change. 

What kind of experience do you have with sports or the outdoors? The person interviewing you wants to know how well you will be able to sell their products and whether you have a passion for what their brand represents. This will help them know how well you fit with the industry in totality. 

What does customer service mean to you? This is a common question that could be asked of those who are entering into the sales industry. It will help the interviewer see how well your personality fits with the store staff and whether you are willing to go the extra mile to meet the customer’s needs.

How will each of your prior experiences help you deal with situations at Big 5? This questions helps the hiring manager know whether you have what it takes to work in retail and deal with potential challenging customers. It will also give a sense of what your background in the field is. 

For a Manager Trainee or Management position, you will likely be asked direct questions related to your personality and compatibility to determine your knowledge and learning aptitude. Examples of this type of question might be: “Have you ever played or managed sports? If so, how will this apply to you being able to sell our products?” or “When you can’t solve a problem, how do you figure out the answer?”

Advice For Application Process

For a Big 5 printable application form go to a local store or for an easier process, you can apply online with their free and direct application forms with the link below. The variety of store level jobs available include retail sales, cashier, and management positions, including manager trainees. There are many benefits for full-time employees if you decide you want to make your employment with them a career.

For Big 5 application online or to download application form, there is an easy Big 5 application process that can be found on their website. You can simply search for Big 5 careers at a location near you. The job opportunities are endless and if you love sports and sales there will be one to suit you.

The interview process with Big 5 is pretty straight forward. Be sure to present your resume dressed in a classy business professional outfit and have an enthusiastic, positive, and confident demeanor. You should communicate your interests during the interview process and whether you see yourself moving up. Follow up with the interviewer a few days later and be sure to thank him or her for the interview.

Big 5 Sporting Goods stores often place a “Now Hiring” sign in their window. This provides an opportunity for potential job candidates to go in and be interviewed on the spot. If you take this approach make sure you are dressed professionally and are in the interview spirit if you’d like to be considered for immediate hire. Outdoor and sports enthusiasts are highly sought for positions with this company!

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