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Known for their sourdough bread, Boudin Bakery is a privately owned food manufacturing industry. The company sells baked goods and is currently under the ownership of Lou Giraudo and Sharon Duvall.

Isidore Boudin founded the company in 1849. He was known to be a member of a long line of master bakers from Burgundy, France.

They own 30 locations found in North and South California and became the leading attraction in Disney’s California Adventure Park. Boudin Bakery also has a café branch found in San Francisco International Airport.

Employees are entitled to benefit packages such as disabilities benefits, vision, health and dental coverage and a 401K retirement plan. They are also eligible for performance-based bonuses.

Members of the company enjoy 50% discount on store products and paid sick leave. They offer a flexible work schedule and decent pay for full-time and part-time company employees.

How old do you have to be to work in Boudin Bakery? 

For candidates to be part of the company, they must be 16 years old or above. Some positions may have different age requirements.

Boudin Bakery Careers

Heart of House – require excellent communication skills, as they are the company’s customer service providers. They heat breads and pastries, take orders and prepare drinks.

Distribution Driver – is responsible for delivering company goods on time, ensuring the arrival of fresh products to the intended location. Distribution Drivers are responsible for heavy lifting tasks during their shift.

Catering Coordinator – in charge of arranging location transport, takes notes of catering requests, and coordinates with company clients. He arranges catering displays and ensures venue clean up after the event.

Baker – responsible for pastries and bread preparations. He is also in charge of quality control and kitchen cleanliness. Bakers ensure that the sold products meet the company standards before serving them.

Other job applications available are customer service representative, warehouse packer, lead retail warehouse packer, guest service agent, and packer. Job availability may differ depending on location.

Boudin Bakery Application

Interested candidates looking for a position in the company can apply online or on site. Those who wish to apply online can submit video application because the company features multimedia components.

Both in store and online job applications are available. There are forms online that candidates can download and print out. Applicants should fill in the required information and check before submitting.

Candidates can choose between hourly and managerial positions. The management position link will direct hopefuls to the company’s LinkedIn profile where available positions for hiring are shown.

Resumes should be straight to the point. Avoid being too wordy. Highlight your skills and experiences and check the resume for errors before your final submission.

During your scheduled interview, wear a formal attire. Make sure to speak clearly when answering questions. Conduct research about the company, so you’ll know exactly how to answer company related questions.

Facts about Boudin Bakery 

The company of Boudin is one of the oldest brands in America. Creating the original San Francisco Sourdough French Bread, it continues to use yeast-bacteria culture since its development during the California Gold Rush events in 1848.

Clarice Turner, a former corporate executive for Starbucks, became the new CEO of the baking company. Known to be a gifted business leader, Clarice was honored to join the Boudin Team in 2016.

The company is popular for its delicious pastries and breads. However, Boudin Bakery’s sourdough bread is considered as their specialty. Producing goods from sourdough takes technique that Boudin’s perfected through the years.

Boudin Bakery teamed up with LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation for a fundraising event on November 12. They helped raise funds for Veteran’s Honor Ceremonies and LightBridge Hospice Integrative Therapies.

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