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Panera Bread

Panera Bread was started in 1981 in Kirkwood, Missouri as St. Louis Bread. In 1993, the business was purchased by Au Bon Pain Co. While the company is nationally known as Panera Bread, in St. Louis, the original name is still in place. You can find a link to the Panera Bread application below.

The company moved its headquarters to Richmond Heights, Missouri in 2000. Now, there are more than 1,900 café locations in 46 different states and Canada. As the company also owns Paradise Bakery & Café, which it purchased in 2007, there are three different café names that are owned by the business.

The restaurant strives to serve its customers the best possible food made out of the best possible ingredients. To do this, the company gets its products from humanely raised animals, as it values animal welfare. The company has a three-core Food Policy that includes providing clean ingredients, transparent menus and having a positive impact.

The bakery and café likes to give back to the local communities it serves, along with national organizations like Feeding America. As a member of the restaurant industry, working to feed the hungry is very important to the company. The Day-End Dough-Nations program that the company runs gives leftover products to the ill, elderly, needy and to children.

Panera Bread Careers

Panera Bread jobs are available at all levels: corporate, managerial and hourly. Corporate employment opportunities include payroll staff, human resources associates, analysts and marketing staff. Panera Bread careers in the corporate office require more experienced employees. These employees need to have previous work experience and will probably need a college degree.

Job opportunities at the restaurant level offer a lot of room for growth. Hourly positions include bakers, catering coordinators, bakery and café associates and shift supervisors. Managerial positions include bakery manager, general manager, assistant manager, and regional baking operations manager. Hourly positions are generally entry-level, while managerial positions will require more experience.

How old do you have to be to work at Panera Bread?

You must be at least 18 years old to start Panera Bread careers. From Monday through Friday, the café is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m. Employees may work hours outside of normal operating hours to prepare the restaurant for customers.

Panera Bread careers come with a lot of added benefits. Eligible employees are offered a variety of healthcare packages that include dental and vision, stock purchasing plans and 401(k) retirement plans. The company offers paid vacation time and competitive pay rates to its employees. Employees also receive discounts on the company’s products.

Panera Bread Job Descriptions

Manager – Managers complete a variety of different tasks within the restaurant. They take inventory counts, clean, plan, create work schedules and order products. Supervising other employees is also a main responsibility of the manager. The managers must have at least two years of previous management experience. Managers receive a salary between $32,000 and $50,000 per year.

Catering Coordinator – Responsibilities of catering coordinators include delivering catering orders, setting up and prepping the catered orders and advertising catering options. Catering coordinators must own a vehicle, have a perfect driving record and appear neat and professional. These employees need to be able to work flexible hours. Catering coordinators generally make between $9 and $12 per hour with the possibility for tips.

Café Associates – Interacting with customers is the main responsibility of café and bakery associates. These Panera Bread jobs require associates to be able to work a cash register and be friendly towards restaurant patrons. Associates help prepare bakery and café items. These associates should be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Associates earn between $7 and $12 an hour.

Bakers – Bakers may work either a day or night shift. The business has people baking fresh products around the clock to provide its customers with the freshest products available. While not required, previous baking experience is wanted. Applicants for these positions must be at least 18 years old. Wages vary between $8 and $15 per hour.

Panera Bread Interview Questions

If you are called in for an interview, be sure to prepare to answer questions such as these:

Can you tell me about yourself? Employers want to get to know you better and starting off an interview with a light question helps people feel more relaxed during the process. The most important aspect of answering this question is that you don’t ramble and that you focus your answer on the job you applied for.

When are you available to work? Restaurants need to make sure that they are properly staffed at all times, which means new employees might need to be able to work during specific times of the day. If you have a really open schedule, it will be easier for you to land a job.

Do you have previous experience working in a restaurant? Restaurant careers are very different from other jobs, so previous experience is always a plus. Restaurants are a fast-paced environment, so employees must be able to keep up.

How would you help please an angry customer? Employees should always treat customers with respect and kindness, regardless of the situation. Make sure your answer to this question displays that sort of kindness and respect.

What can you bring to our team? Every team member is unique, and every person can bring something different to the Panera team. If you have a special trait or skill that you can bring to the table, share that with the interviewer.

Advice For Application Process

If you wish to apply for jobs at Panera Bread, you have a couple options. You can either apply online through the company’s website or you can apply at a local restaurant. There is no printable application for Panera Bread. The company website will walk you through how to apply for Panera Bread online. The online application is easy to fill out, and you can quickly include your resume.

Just like there is no printable application form, there is no place to click download application form. Therefore, if you wish to apply in person, you should request a free application from a local restaurant. Fill out a direct application and include a hard copy of your resume when you turn this into the restaurant.

You can browse through Panera Bread jobs online and read the job description for each position. If you decide to fill out a Panera Bread job application online, understand that it will take the hiring managers a couple weeks to look through all the applications. If you haven’t heard back within three or four weeks, you may call to inquire about the position.

When you fill out a Panera Bread application, make sure you detail all of your relevant experience. The more descriptive your resume is, the less the company has to guess or ask further questions. The better your resume, the more likely you are to start a career at Panera. The application form should be direct and clear.

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