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Buybuy Baby is a retail company, which offers products for babies and toddlers. Its products include baby care and gears and adorable clothing. It helps new and expectant parents prepare then care for their little bundles of joy.

Buybuy Baby was founded by Richard and Jeffrey Feinstein in 1996. The brothers opened their first store in New Jersey. They expanded it to eight locations within the area. In 2007, Bed Bath and Beyond acquired it.

Buybuy Baby operates all over the country with over 100 retail stores scattered nationwide. It also caters to international customers through its online store. Whether shopping online or in retail locations, it is the hub for all baby products.

Employees enjoy comprehensive work benefits. Full-time employees receive medical and dental coverage, life insurance, paid time off and 401k just to name a few. Generous employee discounts are available to both full-time and part-time employees.

As a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond, the work environment is both professional and friendly. It promotes a team-oriented and customer-focused workplace. Employees also enjoy the perks of their jobs, including discounts on products.

How old do you have to be to work at Buybuy Baby?

You have to be 18 years old to work at Buybuy Baby.

Buybuy Baby Careers

Sales Associate – in direct contact with the customers. They ensure that retail store customers get the support they need from finding the items in the right colors to recommending the best fit product.

Cashier – responsible for handling the cash registers and ensuring that customers receive their receipt and change. The position also needs to address concerns, such as returns merchandise exchange.

Receiving or Warehouse Associate – responsible for keeping the merchandise received at retail locations organized. Tasks include labeling and preparing the items for display onto the shelves.

Customer Service Associate – responsible for ensuring that customers have the best in-store experience. Tasks include assisting customers and sales associates on the selling floor.

Buybuy Baby also offers management positions such as assistant store manager and store manager posts. These are the ones who motivate the team to focus on providing excellent service to shoppers.

Buybuy Baby Application

Interested applicants for entry level positions may visit the nearest retail locations to check for job vacancies. Store managers can process their application as well so it will be ideal to come prepared with a resume.

Applicants may also use the career portal on the website to search for available positions. They may also apply online, but it often takes longer to process for entry level positions. However, management and corporate posts are processed through the site.

When filling out application forms, provide accurate information as this will be used to consider you for the position. Double check dates and other details with the resume that you will be submitting to ensure that all your data match.

Review your resume to check if you listed all relevant job experiences. While Buybuy Baby considers applicants with no previous retail jobs, it would still be an advantage if you let them know that you have done the job before.

Your interview at Buybuy Baby will be an informal one, but make sure to still dress appropriately. Casual business attire is recommended.  Prepare for questions about customer service situations.

Things to Know About Buybuy Baby

Buybuy Baby is a retail chain, which provides high quality baby and infant products. It can deliver excellent service whether in their retail stores or online. It even offers product descriptions, thereby helping parents decide on whether it is something they wish to purchase.

Buybuy Baby has been featured in the news for its continuous expansion. Its gift registry also gained a lot of popularity as excited parents chose to make it a part of their journey in welcoming their little one.

Buybuy Baby is known as the premier location to find everything that parents need for their babies, infants and toddlers. With innovative and well-loved products, it is a haven for expectant parents.

The company believes in giving back to the community. It participates in fundraisers and outreach causes in the neighborhoods where they are a part of. Retail locations are known for hosting events for various charitable causes.

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