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Stemming from Toy R Us, Babys R Us has become one of the most sought after places for families to get everything they need for that special baby.  In 1996, Toys R Us introduced the brand allowing for people to have a one stop store to stock up on baby products.  The Babies R Us application is available in store and online.

Parents get to enjoy services such as baby registry for easy and simple gifts for baby showers.  They also now offer a weekly email subscription for expectant parents detailing the baby’s development and needs on a week to week basis.  They also have acquired their own brand making products more affordable and trusting.  Every expecting parent has heard or been to a Babies R Us.

Normally, each Babies R Us operate inside or with Toys R Us which was founded in 1948 in New Jersey with over 846 stores to date in the US and 730 licensed international stores. With the array of products ranging from the normal day to day needs for babies like diapers and baby bottles to cribs and state of the art complete baby rooms.

Their e-commerce business through and has also gained them a tremendous profit and reputable reputation.  People all over the world know the names Babies R Us and Toys R Us and trust in their products.  Having competitors such as Wal-Mart and Target has made them take extra care of their customers as well as their employees.

Babies R Us Careers

Toys R Us and Babies R Us are a reputable company that offers employment to many diverse candidates with multiple sets of skills.  Their company acknowledges their employees as one of their most important assets in creating a positive environment focused on helping their customers find the best products at the best possible price without compromising safety.

There are plenty of job opportunities available to those interested in becoming part of this great empire.  Great product knowledge, a fun personality, and enjoying working with children are all aspects that these employers look for in potential candidates. Their retail environment allows for Babies R Us careers to be sought after by young professionals or people looking to start their new careers.

Along with promising training to move up towards management and corporate, there are many benefits that associates benefit from such as paid vacation and sick time, pension  plans, retirement plans, health insurance and more. If job hopefuls have certifications or higher levels of education as required per the job description, the possibilities for higher level positions in corporate are also available.

How old do you have to be to work at Babies R Us?

Babies R Us careers are available to candidates at least 16 years old. Some positions require overnight work such as night stockers.  Babies R Us jobs are also available at many locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, there is no printable application for Babies R Us.  However, candidates may apply online through a direct application.

Babies R Us Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- Provides excellent customer service while assisting parents and children find the products they are looking for.  Suggestively sells products and maintains good product knowledge.  Work as a team, merchandise, maintain areas clean.  Their salary is an hourly wage of $12.

Cashier- Processes final purchases by ringing in each product while assisting costumers.  Set up new memberships for reward cards and processes coupons.  Accepts proper forms of payment for products while providing excellent customer service.  Their hourly pay is between $11.50 and $12 an hour.

Stocker- Unloads deliveries and sorts products with proper pricing.  Arranges displays and stocks and rotates products.  Maintains area clean and provides customer service as needed.  Stockers make about $12.75 an hour.

Store Manager- Open and close stores while meeting all sales goals.  Provides training and mentoring to employees and assists as needed.  Managers make a yearly salary of about $35 to $45k.

Loss Prevention- Conducts reviews of merchandise while looking out for potential threats. Keeps the loss numbers low and reports to manager and regional manager.  Ensures employee honesty.  Loss prevention makes about $35-$45k per year.

Babies R Us Interview Questions

The online application is the first step before being called in for an interview.

How would you categorize a spill, customer wanting service, and a manager asking for your assistance? The correct answer will give insight as to how you handle priorities.  The obvious answer would be to address the spill first, then the customer, and then the manager. Be sure to explain your answer.

Do you like toys? It is important to enjoy working with toys and children as it is the main focus of the store.  Talking about a particular toy you enjoy or enjoyed playing with when you were young would be a reasonable answer.

Are you okay to work with children? Children will be at the store every single time you are there.  Being able to engage in a positive and adequate manner with kids is a must for this position.

Are you familiar with baby products and toys? There will be enough training to get you up to date on their products.  However, having experience with toys and a certain knowledge of them will be a great advantage.

Can you work with multiple customers at the same time?  There will be times, especially during the holidays, that you will need to engage with multiple customers at the same time and provide excellent customer service.  Being able to do this will be a must skill to succeed in this job.

Advice for Application Process

If you are interested in how to apply for Babies R Us online, simply go to their careers link and research the Babies R Us jobs.  The Babies R Us job application online will be targeted to the specific position you have chosen to apply to.  Review the job descriptions and determine with your current experience which job is best for you and the requirements the company is hiring for.  You may apply for jobs at Babies R Us online or in person.

Since there is not a printable application form or a link to download application form, you may go directly to the local store that you have chosen and fill out an application directly with the hiring managers.  The Babies R Us application needs to be thoroughly filled out and, should you have a resume, a copy of it needs to be attached.

People genuinely interested in working for this company need to be able to work with children and enjoy toys and fun environments targeted to fill people’s families with the best products and services possible.  Working in this industry allows people to get full customer service training and skills that are different when dealing with children and babies.  Babies R Us jobs are targeted for people that enjoy working with families and children.

Babies R Us jobs are available in many locations and offer a variety of benefits as well as options as far as what position one might want to get.  The interview process will be tailored to the position applied to and will cover certain aspects of the job responsibilities.  Should you have any questions or concerns, it is wise to speak to the interviewing manager.  It is okay to call after a few days to follow up on your application.

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