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The global brand Calvin Klein exemplifies progressive and bold ideas, and minimal and seductive aesthetics. They seek to inspire and thrill their audiences with striking designs and provocative imagery.

Calvin Klein Incorporated is founded and launched by the American designer of fashion Calvin Klein back in the year 1968. He gave name to watches, jewelry, and perfume, in addition to clothing.

In the year 1974, Calvin Klein designed some signature tight-fitting jeans that grossed about $200,000 on the first week. He received the CFDA’s award in outstanding women and men’s wear design.

The company has benefits offered to their employees such as dental, life, and medical insurance, disability programs, benefits in domestic partnership, and a program for corporate wellness.

The company creates a culture where they seek out active individuals with interpersonal styles, abilities, and diverse backgrounds. They believe that diversity is a strength of the company and it enhances their way of business.

How old do you have to be to work at Calvin Klein?

Interested applicants must at least be 16 years of age to work at Calvin Klein stores. Prior experiences in customer service are beneficial for job applicants but it is not a prerequisite.

Calvin Klein Careers

Accessories Merchandising Internship: The intern is responsible in supporting the merchandising team and the related activities. He or she is responsible in assisting the team with daily tasks, ensuring and monitoring the alignment of data between departments, and gathering information on parties.

Design Assistant: The primary responsibilities of a design assistant includes contributing design ideas, supporting design teams, assisting the senior designer, creating sourcing review sheets, and creating trim sheets.

Sales Associate: A sales associate’s regular duties involve accurately using cash registers, stocking inventory, and maintaining in-store promotion awareness. Useful selling techniques, and upbeat, energetic, and positive demeanors are expected of them.

Managerial Roles: Assistant managers split time on performing duties of general management and sales association. General managers are in charge of the store’s entirety with additional responsibilities in overseeing staff and ordering merchandise.

Other available positions at Calvin Klein are representative in customer service, store manager, administrative assistant, sales assistant, coordinator in field merchandising, representative in human resources, and payroll assistant.

Calvin Klein Application

There are different managements for different locations, so the application feedback from interviewees are varied. Some hiring managers call applicants within days only while some wait for weeks before they deliver responses.

There are online profiles that are very useful especially in applying to more than one job location. Applicants must allow at least 30 minutes for the completion and they should keep in mind that personal meetings provide best chances.

Your application must be proof read before sending it. If you fail to, it might cost you your job. It is important that you demonstrate detailed attention by rechecking your application.

In creating your resume, there are occasions when objective sections make sense which is when you are opting for a large career change. But in some cases consider summary statements.

Some sources say that the best interview schedule is Tuesdays at 10:30 in the morning. Interviewers have other responsibilities other than hiring so it is also crucial that you consider when they will be best present mentally speaking.

Things To Know About Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein team’s working method spans across divisions, geographies, and functions, to execute and identify improvements in the processes of sourcing, buying domains, and merchandising.

Some recent press releases are about the corporation announcing Melisa Goldie leaving the company, and hosting a conference call in the discussion the earnings of 2016’s third quarter.

In 1968, Calvin Klein started only as a humble coat shop. The brand name then became followed with a very durable history of retail success and fashion design.

The global enterprise distributes aid to many communities. Their operations are hinged on social responsibility. They are also part of the list of 100 best corporate citizens for 2014.

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