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California’s Great America Application Online


The California’s Great America brand is an amusement park in Santa Clara of California. It is a 40 hectare location with attractions such as thrill rides, roller coasters, action zones, county fairs, and the like.

The amusement park is operated and owned by the company Cedar Fair but it originally began as the so-called Marriott’s Great America back in 1976.

The amusement park has appearances in the films “Getting Even without Dad” and “Beverly Hills Cops III” in 1994. Gold Striker is one of many among the park’s notable attractions.

Employee benefits include healthcare coverage, vision, dental, and medical insurances, life insurance, and retirement plans. There are additional rewards for employees which include free entry, low prices of food, flexible schedules, and discounts.

Workers are dynamic and vibrant and they tirelessly work for the entertainment of guests even for hours. The entertainers are capable of exciting performances in singing, dancing, show hosting, and portraying costumed characters.

How old do you have to be to work at California’s Great America?

Job positions can be secured with relative ease so long as you are an individual capable of making guests’ trips enjoyable. Candidates are required to be 16 years old minimally, but some openings require applicants to be 18 years old.

California’s Great America Careers

Sales Representative: One essential function of a sales representative is developing action plans for market segments within assigned territories to enhance and build existing and new accounts.

Ride Attendant: The job for attending to rides has no mandatory previous experience. Ride attendants are responsible for enforcing safety procedures and regulations on all the rides of the park.

Admissions Associate: Admissions associates are obligated to welcome visitors into the amusement park. Their duties include handling problems quickly during admission before the crowd gets chaotic, and inviting guests in a courteous and efficient manner.

Costume Character: Costume characters must be enthusiastic individuals that are always ready to perform and act for families and guests to make sure they have fulfilling entertainment during their stay on the park.

Other available job openings are representative in customer service, agent in ticket sales, representative in call centers, associate in food service, janitor, lifeguard, landscaper, and market researcher.

California’s Great America Application

The duration of the hiring process depends on what time of the year it is. Sometimes it only takes a day and other times it takes two to three weeks.

Like most companies, the official site of California’s Great America contains an online job application system where new users must log in to by providing their usernames along with passwords.

In creating your application form, your academic abilities are important but your personality must not be underestimated. Credentials are looked for in candidates but they also want to see extracurricular activities that give snapshots to the candidate’s personality.

Furthermore, make sure that your resume has all your best accomplishments and experiences shown on its top. This section will be the first thing the hiring administrator sees.

Employers nowadays are able to search and view social media accounts that you have. They may be able to find red flags, thus it is your job to clean and sweep your accounts before your interview.

Things To Know About California’s Great America

California’s Great America’s focus is on specializing in education and compassion. They aim to lift the spirits and conditions of individuals living with medical challenges, disabilities, or adversities.

Recently, a 4-dimensional holographic attraction with a theme of the video game Mass Effect was renovated and debuted in the Action Theater. Also, in 2017, there is a plan for re-theming and repainting the park’s Vortex coaster.

So far, there are close to 58 rides that enthrall and delight guests, making the attractions unforgettable. Customers enjoy the rides, special events, and live entertainment.

The amusement park supports families, young adults, and children in numerous ways that lead to positive and measurable results. They are focused in compassion – uplifting people experiencing difficulties; and education – supporting organizations committed to opening the minds and hearts for ideas.

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