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Caribou coffee is a speciality coffee and espresso retailer headquartered in Minnesota. It has over 273 company owned shops in America and also has an international presence with about 203 franchise locations in 10 countries. The growing nature of its business warrants a continuous demand for personnel to join the company. A full list of Caribou Coffee jobs online can be viewed through the Caribou coffee application link at the end of the page.

Caribou Coffee has a strong sense of community and social responsibility which has led to the creation of the Do Good campaign whereby they publish a Do Good report every year highlighting all the endeavors the organization is taking towards economically and socially responsible business practices. The company is a big proponent of reducing waste, conserving energy and practicing recycling in its coffeehouses being a positive influence on the local communities it operates in.

The company cares for its employees as much as it does for the environment. In addition to competitive pay along with an opportunity to grow and advance in their careers. The company offers other benefits such as retirement plans, disability pay, discounts on products, paid time off and an opportunity to accumulate volunteer hours. Certain benefits are however based on the number of hours worked.

If you are interested in Caribou Coffee jobs you can see how to apply for Caribou Coffee online on their company website. You can download application form and send in the printable application for Caribou Coffee.

Caribou Coffee Careers

Caribou Coffee offers you an opportunity to not just have Caribou Coffee jobs rather you have careers. You have an opportunity to excel in your career based on your past experience and qualifications. You have an opportunity to join the company as team members, store managers, in corporate positions and as field support staff at various locations and different levels.

The company offers both full and part time job opportunities. Some of the positions currently available are as Store Team Member, Store Manager, Director of Real Estate, Payroll Specialist, Tax Manager, Warehouse Team Member, Shift Supervisor in Training, Assistant Store Manager in Training and District Manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Caribou Coffee?

The minimum age requirement to submit applications for Jobs at the company and be considered for employment is 18 years. However positions may require specific skills and experience requirements. Be sure to review these before submitting your online application or sending in the free application.

Caribou Coffee careers offers an opportunity to take your career to the next level. You can apply for jobs at Caribou Coffee by downloading the printable application form and sending in a direct application. Working at Caribou Coffee means you are enriching the lives of your customers in an environmentally conscious manner.

Caribou Coffee Job Descriptions

Store Team Member – As a Store Team Member you would be the face of the company interacting directly with customers. Prior experience in a similar position is required for this job. Your responsibilities would involve a fair amount of physical labour including lifting and carrying heavy items along with standing for extended periods of time. Flexibility in work schedules is required. If this is something you may be interested in then send in your application. You can expect to earn about $9 per hour.

Payroll Specialist – This job requires specialized knowledge of tax laws and skills, therefore pertinent qualification is a requirement. Past experience in this role is a requisite to perform adequately in this job. If you can work well independently, are good with numbers and possess past experience and skills to excel in this role then you can apply online. You can expect to earn a salary of about $50556 per year.

Store Manager – This role requires you to have past store management experience. You would be in charge for the overall functioning of the store including meeting sales targets and training staff to deliver their best in terms of customer service and productivity. If you are a people’s person, can work well under pressure and are available to work varying shifts then this may be the job for you. In this role you can expect to earn a salary of about $40736 per year.

District Manager – This position requires you to be responsible for a few stores as per business needs for which you would be responsible in terms of sales turnout and profitability. Your job would entail overseeing that the store managers are performing their work in an efficient and effective manner. Past experience managing multiple stores or locations is a requirement to succeed in this position. You can expect to earn a salary of about $75637 per year.

Caribou Coffee Interview Questions

As the saying goes practice makes perfect, the same adage can be applied to interviews. Having a set of questions prepared and rehearsed before hand can always help you acing the same on the big day. Below are a set of questions that you may be asked on the big day in response to your Caribou Coffee application.

What past customer service experience do you have? As a coffee shop with many jobs dealing directly with the customer, how much and what kind of past experience you have to this accord is of significance to the hiring manager.

Are you available to work varying shifts? As a restaurant offering services to customers over extended hours and holidays it is important for the employer to know whether you are available to work different shifts at odd times and during holidays and weekends.

What do you know about Caribou Coffee? Prospective candidates who seem interested in the organization as a whole rather than just the position stand a better chance than those who are just concerned with getting hired. Be sure to do your research about the company and the industry in order to be able to respond to such a question in an appropriate manner.

Do you have any questions to ask? Many at times prospective candidates want to know details about the position applied for or the company in general, and so recruiters wish to assist candidates by answering such questions as it helps in the decision making process for both the employer and the prospective candidate.

When can you start work? Some positions need to be filled at the earliest date possible and so recruiters are interested in knowing when it would be possible for you to start in the job applied for.

Advice For Application Process

Once you decide that you wish to pursue a career at Caribou Coffee and in line with your decision submit an application be sure to review your application to ensure it is free of any errors and omissions. Update your application and resume to reflect all current past experience and qualification in sync with the job being applied for.

Check the venue of the interview in advance so you are able to find and reach the place on time for the actual interview. Be sure to factor in unexpected delays due to traffic jams and adverse weather conditions when planning your trip to the interview. Dress in an attire suitable for the position being applied for.

Get a good night’s rest so you are fresh and alert on the day of the interview. Maintain a positive body language and pleasant facial expressions during the whole process to give a positive vibe to the interviewer.

At the end of the interview be sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity and regardless of the outcome make the entire process a positive learning experience. Every interview gives you an opportunity to learn something new so make the most of it without dwelling too much on the end result.

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