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CarMax, Inc. is a chain of new and used car dealerships in the United States. Used vehicles undergo a 125-point inspection process before going on the sales floor, and they are sold with a 30 day warranty. You can find a link for a CarMax application by using the application links at the bottom.

The company was founded in 1993 by Circuit City executives who were thinking of ways to extend beyond their consumer electronics business. The first store opened in Richmond, Virginia, which is the current location of the company’s headquarters. The company prices cars at what it claims is the lowest price they will take, to prevent haggling.

The publicly owned company is traded on the NYSE as KMX. Its CEO is Thomas J. Folliard, its CFO is Tom Reedy, and its Chairman is William R. Tiefel. The business is a member of the Fortune 500 and the S&P 500. It runs 151 stores and employs roughly 12,000 people.

The auto retailer supports a number of charitable organizations. It matches its employees’ donations to charities, and it also runs grant programs to support children’s charities, such as Boys and Girls Club. The company has given $20 million to its communities to date. You can apply for jobs at CarMax at their website.

CarMax Careers

The company offers corporate career opportunities in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Business Operations, Financial Planning IT, Marketing, Strategy and Analysis, Human Resources, Legal and Compliance, and Auto Finance. You can browse postings on the website and read a complete job description of each one. You will have to register with the website before you apply online.

In-store positions are available in Sales and in Automotive Service. Sales positions are laid out in a clear hierarchy from entry-level to advanced options, from Sales Consultant to Regional Vice President – General Manager. Automotive Service careers are broken down into Technical Careers and Management Careers. You can browse by titles or locations.

How old do you have to be to work at CarMax?

You must be 18 to work at CarMax. Most positions require experience, specialized training, or education. The business trains employees and offers opportunities for advancement. Take care that your skill set matches the job description before you fill out applications.

The company offers its employees different levels of benefits in the areas of health and wellness, financial planning, and paid time off. Store hours vary by location, and also by departments within a store. The Showroom and the Service Department operate under different hours, and the phone hours are different again. Most stores are open every day.

CarMax Job Descriptions

Sales Consultant – As a Sales Consultant, you would spend your days on the sales floor, greeting customers and answering their questions. You would sell vehicles and follow up with buyers after the sale. You would be trained by the business for this position. Pay starts around $8.00 per hour, with lots of opportunity to advance.

Sales Manager – The Sales Manager receives training from the auto retailer, and trains Sales Consultants in turn. Sales Managers focus on sales goals and profits, and make sure corporate policies, such as excellent customer service, are being followed. Salary for this position starts around $32,000 per year, and can get much higher.

Paint Prep Technician – The Paint Prep Technician performs minor surface repairs to vehicles and prepares their surfaces for painting. This position requires the use of power tools and equipment, and the Technician must know OSHA safety standards. This job starts around $11.00 per hour, and can be quite a bit more.

Automotive Technician/Mechanical Associate – As an Automotive Technician/ Mechanical Associate, you would diagnose, repair, and recondition cars. You would need prior automotive experience, and possibly ASE certifications. Pay for this position starts around $17.50 per hour. While there is no printable application for CarMax, you can apply for jobs at the website.

CarMax Interview Questions

These are some questions you may be asked at your employment interview for CarMax jobs:

What is the CarMax Way? The auto retailer wants to hire people who have taken the time to research the company. Be sure to read up on the business, its history, and its values before you interview for CarMax careers. Don’t forget to tell your interviewer that the company has come up with a better way to sell used cars when you answer this question.

Have you ever had trouble getting along with a coworker or manager? Your interviewer wants to learn about the way you think. Describe a situation like the example given and tell them what you did to work through the problem. Tell them how your actions affected the situation, and how it eventually turned out.

What experience do you have that’s relevant to the position? You should come in for your interview with an understanding of your chosen job’s responsibilities. Tell them about any experience you have working in the auto industry or retail. If your position requires training or education, tell them how you qualify.

What are your long term goals? This company helps its employees advance if they wish to stay on. There are numerous job opportunities within the business for people who are already have CarMax jobs and wish to take advantage of training and promotions. You can view the positions in order from entry-level on up at the website.

Is there anything you’d like to ask me? The company prefers hiring people who want to know about its business. You will be asked this question, so be ready with all of the questions that have been on your mind since you filled out a CarMax application in the first place.

Advice for Application Process

Be ready to take assessment tests when you interview with the business. They want an accurate gauge of your abilities and skills to see if you’re right for CarMax jobs. You can use an online application to apply for jobs at your local dealership. Go to the website to get their application form.

Your interview is likely to be conducted by a panel. They will expect you to fill out a background questionnaire as part of the free application process. If you would like to know how to apply for CarMax online, visit the website below. You will not need your resume to fill out their direct application.

The auto dealership gives interview tips for applicants on its website. Be sure to wear professional attire to your interview if you wish to make a good impression. You will not be able to download application form, or get a printable application form at the company’s website, but you can go there to apply for CarMax jobs online.

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