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Dollar General has been around now for over 75 years, there are currently over 11,000 stores across 43 states. The idea behind Dollar General has always been simple; provide customers with high quality goods at a lower price. The link to the Dollar General application is located at the bottom.

The first Dollar General store was opened by James Luther Turner and his son Cal Turner Sr. in Springfield, Kentucky on June 1st 1995, the idea behind the store was that no item should cost over $1.00, this idea soon became a success and other stores J.L Turner and his son owned soon converted.

The work ethic of the company has remained the same since the store was founded: Hard work coupled with warm, helpful and welcoming customer service. Dollar General’s original ideals have lived on over the years too, still providing great quality products at a very low price, with around a third of products still selling for a dollar or less.

As of 2015, the company has over 105,000 employees working in various Dollar General jobs throughout over 11,700 stores, employees enjoy various benefits such as vacation time with pay, paid holidays, annual bonus opportunities, and a service award recognition program, as well as various comprehensive medical and dental plans for both Full time and part time employees that average 30 hours per week.

Dollar General Careers

There are a large variety of Dollar General jobs available including both Manager Positions and Entry-Level jobs. Here is an example of some of the managerial jobs the company offers: Store Manager, District Manager, Inbound and Outbound Manager. Most Management jobs typically require the applicant to have a high school diploma or equivalent as well as at least a year of experience managing  in the retail industry. Prospective employees only need to go through a free application process to be well on their way to a possible career at Dollar General.

Entry-level jobs are flexible and varied and job opportunities such as Sales Associate or Cashier are widely available. People seeking employment in entry-level jobs typically require little prior experience, but are required to have good social skills, as customer service is extremely important.

Employees in a Store Manager position may earn a salary of up to $44k along with other benefits such as paid vacation time and all employees are entitled to a diverse number of health and dental plans.

How old do you have to be to work at Dollar General?

If you wish to apply for a job at Dollar General you must be at least 18 years of age.
Stores are typically open from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and weekends but this can vary slightly from store to store. If a  holiday happens to fall on a weekday, the hours of operation prior to and on the holiday will change, this can also vary between stores, contact your local store for exact times.

Dollar General Interview Questions

The following are questions that might be asked during the interview.

Why would you like to work for Dollar General? This is a very typical question you’ll be given, explain why working for the company is your first choice, perhaps mention the attraction of the company’s work ethic or benefits of working there.

What kind of experience do you have in retail? This is the time to have any of your available reference material from previous retail or service jobs on hand. If you’re applying for a position you might have held before, tell the interviewer about any relevant skills you have from this previous position.

What is your approach to Customer Service? Be sure to stress your people skills, if you’ve had a customer service job before or worked in an environment where it was important, tell your interviewer about it.

Have you ever worked in a Manager position before? If you’re applying for a Managerial role, the interviewer may ask this, be honest as your answer will be reflected by your performance if you get the job.

How long do you plan on working for Dollar General? You should take time to think on this before you apply for the job, be realistic, you’ll want to know how involved you want to be in the company and how long you expect to work there. Be honest with the interviewer. Remember, more Dollar General career opportunities may make themselves available the longer you work at the company.

Advice for Application Process

All company employees are typically required to wear the uniform shirt as well as neat dress pants and closed in dress shoes during work hours, it will help if you dress similarly on the day of your interview.  A clean and well kept appearance is also favourable in the Dollar General application process as well on the job.

For Management applicants, wearing a semi formal suit and tie along with neat, closed in shoes will  show that you’re willing to dress neatly and appropriately for your desired role.  Remember to bring a completed resume to your interview listing any professional experience you’ve had in retail but especially in management.

Insinuating yourself into the company’s way of thinking by stressing your keen interest in the Company environment through your behaviour and the way you talk will also go a long way. Treat your interviewer as you might treat a valued customer; with respect and a friendly, motivated attitude.

If you wish to find Dollar General jobs online, a direct application via the Careers homepage link below will offer up better chances than applying via a third-party website or third party printable application form, just follow the links depending on what type of job you want to find: Store Jobs, Corporate Opportunities etc., click a category and apply for your desired job position.

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