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Carvel is an ice cream franchise owned by Focus Brands. It was started in 1929 by Tom Carvel who started by operating an ice cream truck. The business acumen of the founder helped grow the company to great heights. However due to old age Tom Carvel sold the business to investcorp in 1989 for over $80 million. In 2001 another company called Roark Capital group purchased controlling interest in Carvel from Investcorp. The company has its current headquarters in Farmington, Connecticut, in the U.S. The company has a strong presence throughout the country with about 530 retail franchises and being available in about 9500 supermarkets. This increasing company size calls for a continuous need to staff the stores and the corporate offices. A complete list of job opportunities can be viewed on the company website through the Carvel application link at the end of the document.

The company is conscious about giving back to the local communities it is a part of. And so they help organizations with planning fundraisers for various events. Organizations can purchase certificates for items at discounted rates and then sell these same certificates at retail rates and pocket the difference to assist them in their fundraising endeavours.

Since Carvel is part of the Focus Brands its employees enjoy many benefits and perks. These include retirement plans, medical and dental insurance, vision care, vacation days, sick days, education assistance and life insurance amongst others.

If you want to know how to apply for Carvel online you can click on the Carvel application link at the bottom of the page. From here you can download the printable application for carvel and send a direct application. You can also apply for jobs at Carvel by searching for Carvel jobs online and submitting an online application.

Carvel Careers

As a growing company Carvel has many openings for people at various levels and in many different locations. You can find employment at Carvel either at the franchise headquarters or the store near you. A complete list of Carvel jobs can be viewed through the website from where you can submit your free applications.

Some of the openings that are currently available for which you can apply online or download application form are that of Food Counter Attendant, Assistant Store Manager, Team Member, Food Counter Customer Representative, Food Service Supervisor and Customer Service Cashier.

How old do you have to be to work at Carvel?

You have to be at least 16 years old to get employment at Carvel. However some positions may require certain skills and experience for which older candidates may be eligible. Make sure to review the requirements before you submit your applications.

At the company you don’t have Carvel jobs rather Carvel careers that gives you an opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally. The company offers openings at various levels and locations to accommodate individuals with many different skills and qualifications. To apply for jobs you can download application form and send in the free application directly to the company.

Carvel Job Descriptions

Food Counter Attendant – In this position your responsibilities would include taking orders from customers and serving them their orders in a timely and efficient manner. Ensuring that all service areas are clean and well stocked. If you are looking to get your career started at Carvel then this may be the job for you. You can expect a salary of about $11.45 per hour in this position.

Assistant Store Manager – In this position your job would be to ensure the efficient functioning of the store you are assigned to including managing the staff in an effective manner. You would be required to work extended shifts with the ability to lift heavy weights. If you have past food service experience of at least five years then this may be the job to take your career to the next level. You can expect a  salary of about $30000 per year in this position.

Food Service Supervisor – This is a supervisory role in which you would be in charge of the staff at the store ensuring they perform their duties well. You would be responsible for training new staff and scheduling staff work routines. You would also be in charge of ordering and stocking supplies as needed. If you have some past supervisory experience then this may be the job to take your career to the next level. You can expect to earn a salary of about $14.5 per hour in this job.

Customer Service Cashier – Your job would involve handling customers at the cash counter. Taking payments for their orders in an efficient manner and handing back any change. In this position you need to have an understanding of money in various denominations to avoid making any mistakes. You can expect to earn anywhere between $10.3 – $11.5 in this position on an hourly basis.

Carvel Interview Questions

In order to ensure success it is better to be prepared for the interview process and no better way of doing this than having a set of questions beforehand which you can practice before heading out on the big day. Below are a set of questions that you can prepare for in advance.

What do you know about the company? Prospective employees who know about the company they are applying to are the ones who are truly interested in the company and the position. So be sure to read up on the company and the industry to answer such a question in the best possible manner.

When are you available to start work? Some positions require immediate availability and so be sure to tell the hiring manager when you would be available to start work for the job applied for.

Tell us about your recent customer service experience? As an ice cream shop there is constant interaction with customers therefore it is imperative that the recruiter know what kind of past working experience you have that would aid in you being able to perform your job well.

Are you available to work different shifts? As an ice cream shop that is open weekends and extended hours there may be varying shifts that you would have to work. So be sure to inform the employer about the shifts you are available to work.

What are your salary expectations from this job? Many companies like to pay their employees rates that are in line with the competition. So be sure to do some research on your own to see what rates are being paid by competitors for similar positions in order to answer such a question appropriately.

Advice For Application Process

Once you have submitted your applications for openings that may interest you at Carvel, take care to review a copy of your printable application form and resume to ensure it is free of any errors and omissions. Be sure to reflect all pertinent past skills and qualifications that would make your application stand out.

On the day of the interview arrive on time at the venue and dress in a manner suitable. Be sure to take with you any necessary paperwork required. Be sure to review all the details on your application form so you are not caught off guard if asked something from it on the big day.

Start the interview right by greeting the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. Maintain a positive body posture during the interview by sitting upright and avoiding slouching or sinking into the chair. Don’t shake your hands or feet as this is a sign of nervousness. Try to be as confident as possible.

Last but not least thank the interviewer for their time and for considering you for the position. Whatever the end result of the process be sure to be positive and make every experience a learning experience.

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