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Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a group of 36 separate American Health Insurance companies and organizations offering health insurance to about 106 million Americans. The Blue Cross and The Blue Shield were formed separately but merged as one in 1984. The company’s current headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. As an expanding company there is a need for individuals to join the organization in various roles and locations. You can check the complete list of openings at the Blue Cross Blue Shield application link at the end of the document.

The company cares for the society it is a big part of and believes in giving back to the local community in a big way. They are involved in many activities and endeavors that help support their efforts for community involvement. Some of the ventures they are currently involved with are blood drives, participation in special olympics, providing for the less fortunate by undertaking food drives and providing back to school supplies for children in need.

Not only is the company concerned about how they contribute to the well being of the society at large they play a significant role in ensuring the upkeep and progress of their employees, ensuring it is in line with others around them. To this accord they offer employees many benefits which include medical and dental coverage, vision care, paid vacation days, sick days, retirement plans with one to one sessions to assist with financial planning, training for career progression and development and also tuition assistance amongst many other perks and benefits.

If you are interested in submitting your applications for jobs at Blue Cross Blue shield then be sure to check the Blue Cross Blue Shield jobs online link through the company website where you can submit an online application or you can download printable application for Blue Cross Blue Shield and submit a direct application.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Careers

Blue Cross Blue Shield careers offer an opportunity to advance in your jobs. There are many openings in different departments for which you can apply to depending on your specific skills and experience. Some of the departments in which you can expect to be working as part of your application are Office of Clinical Affairs, Office of Policy and Representation, Legal and Governance, Information Technology, Strategic Services, Internal Audit, Human Resources and Finance.

Once you decide that you want to apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield jobs you can check the company website to see how to apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield online, from where you can apply online or download application form, you can then fill the printable application form, which is a free application. Some of the job opportunities currently available for which you can apply to are as Retirement Analyst, Legal Coordinator, Marketing Associate, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Technology Support Center Supervisor, Underwriting Coordinator, Data Analyst, Pharmacy Sales Director and Utilization Management Manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Blue Cross Blue Shield?

To be eligible for employment at the company you have to be at least 18 years old. However, there may be specific positions that may require specialized skills and training along with experience requirements, so be sure to check these before you submit your applications.

The company offers you the chance to be part of an organization that helps cater to the needs of its employees by providing for you both personally through the many benefits available and professionally by enabling you to work in an environment that is stimulating physically and emotionally by the sheer nature of the industry they operate in.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Job Descriptions

Retirement Analyst – In this job it would be your responsibility to administer, maintain and analyze the different retirement programs offered by the company. If you are someone who enjoys interacting with different kinds of people and takes pride in your ability to assist others in their financial decisions. If you have strong organizational, critical thinking and analytical skills, this may be the job to take you to the next level in your career. You can expect to earn a salary of about $56000 per year in this position.

Legal Coordinator – In this role you would be dealing with different government organizations on legal matters and issues therefore it is imperative that you have expert knowledge of all applicable laws and rules. If you have past experience in a similar industry with similar work experience along with the educational qualifications, then this may be the next job for you. You can expect to earn a salary of about $41000 per year in this position.

Marketing Associate – In this position your responsibilities would include undertaking all marketing and sales efforts associated with insurance products including educating clients and prospective clients about product benefits and features for better understanding. If you enjoy interacting with people and are proud of your marketing skills, then this may be the job for you. You can expect a salary of about $51000 per year in this role.

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst – In this job it would be your responsibility to assess the quality and accuracy of department functions and procedures ensuring their accuracy, identifying areas of improvement along with causes and remedies. If you have past experience in a similar role and have excellent communication and analytical skills this may be the job for you. You can expect to earn a salary of about $67000 per year in this position.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Interview Questions

Having a set of interview questions prepared in advance before the big day is a sure way of doing well on the same or similar questions on the big day. Below are a set of questions that would help in preparing you for the interview in response to your Blue Cross Blue Shield application.

What is it about the company that attracts you the most? Every organization has a set of characteristics that appeal to prospective candidates. Understanding what these factors are helps recruiters understand the motivations for prospective candidates to seek work at their organization. So be prepared to answer such a question in an appropriate manner.

How would you add value to the organization? It is important for every prospective employee to be a significant contributing part of a company. A question of this nature would require you to relate from past experience and qualifications how you would be a productive part of the organization.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Career goals and aspirations of prospective candidates are of importance to employers as they tell the hiring manager to what extent the candidate is interested in growing with the company. As the whole recruiting and training process for new employees costs money many organizations like to cut back on these costs by promoting from within and undertaking succession planning at various levels. So be prepared to answer a question of this nature.

Do you have any questions to ask? Companies want to clarify any doubts or queries prospective candidates may have with regard to their company in general or the position in particular. So be sure to prepare a few questions beforehand for the big day that reflect your keen interest about the company and how you can add value through the position applied for.

Where did you hear about this opening from? It is important for hiring managers to know what means of job placements are the most popular amongst the target audience and so this is a question that helps them understand the most effective ones. Be ready to answer a question of this nature on the big day.

Advice For Application Process

Once you find and decide to apply for jobs at Blue Cross Blue shield take time out to review the application, whether submitting it online or through the print version of the application. Take care to reflect all current skills and qualifications required by the opening applied to in order to provide your application a better chance of being selected during the screening process.

On the day of the interview arrive on time along with any required paperwork and documentation including a copy of your resume if needed. Dress according to the opening applied for and make sure you do your research about the company and the industry to prepare yourself better for any questions related to these areas.

During the interview maintain eye contact with the interviewer, sit upright and keep a pleasant facial expression. Ask relevant questions if prompted to show your enthusiasm towards the job and the company.

End the interview with a firm handshake and a pleasantry that highlights your gratitude and thankfulness for being considered for the position. After the interview make sure you have a backup plan incase things don’t work out as desired. Sometimes there are better things than the ones we strongly wish for.

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