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Cathay Pacific Airlines built its roots deep in air transportation. Over the years, it has developed as one of the best-performing airlines all over the world. The company branched out to airline catering, engineering, and ground handling.

On 24 September, 1946, it was founded by Roy C. Farrell and Sydney H. de Kantzow. According to stories surrounding the founding of the airline, this business idea came to Roy Farrell while in a Manila Hotel bar.

In September 2016, Business Traveller Asia Pacific Awards recognized Cathay Pacific Airlines as the Best Airline Premium Economy Class. As of mid-2016, it has around 23,000 employees globally. The airline also has a current inventory of over 140 aircrafts.

As an employee, you get access to Cathay City in Hong Kong. You can swim at the pool, use the gym or eat at the restaurants. They also provide healthcare, retirement, and insurance packages.

Aside from fulfilling the dream of working while traveling, the company offers a wide array of roles and learning opportunities. This means that a career growth is nurtured by the company to maximize your potential.

How old do you have to be to work at Cathay Pacific Airlines?

You have to be at least 19 years old to be eligible for a job opportunity at this company. This is true for all applicants from the United States.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Careers

Flight attendant– This role requires you to maintain order in the aircraft while attending to passenger questions or requests. You will be guiding passengers to their designated seats, serving drinks and meals, and be aware of airline safety guidelines.

Customer service agent– This position requires good understanding of airline operations. You need to be upbeat and helpful as you face passengers who have issues or requests before boarding.

Marketing coordinator- With this role, you get to help improve public relations, marketing, and sales. You assist in the planning of events to promote, develop ideas, and improve the brand.

Cargo service officer- Your role in cargo services is to track and secure airline luggage and packages. From loading and transfer from one place to another, it is your responsibility to ensure that proper handling is followed.

Apart from these positions, there are other roles that are entry-level or higher. These are aircraft engineers, human resource personnel, airport services supervisor, aircraft mechanic, and many others.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Application

Applying for a position at Cathay Pacific Airlines begins by providing your details through their website. A phone screening may then follow. The length of wait time may vary depending on the number of qualified applicants involved.

Applicants can apply online by accessing the airline’s website and going to the careers section. An email address is also indicated, which can be used to send your résumé directly to their HR department.

As an applicant, prepare your documents and certifications to be included in the submission. These might help you gain an advantage. Make sure to check the details of your entries. Take time to answer honestly and correctly.

If this is your first job, you can still produce an effective résumé. Indicate your objective and how you think you can be an asset to the company. Input your skills and knowledge relating to the aviation industry.

Although questions may vary to a certain extent, some questions are standard. It is best to prepare before the actual interview by researching for questions and preparing your answers. You can write these down or practice out loud.

Things To Know About Cathay Pacific Airlines

The culture within the company encourages those who have expertise to share their skills to those who have the desire to learn and grow. The company also cares for its people not just as a whole unit, but as individuals.

In April 2016, it has improved its rewards program, the Marco Polo Club. Members earn points as they fly more frequently and reap rewards through exclusive privileges and benefits.

Cathay Pacific Airlines is known for being an iconic airline company in Asia, then expanding to provide trips all over the world. About 6 years ago, it became the busiest cargo airline in the world.

The company works with various humanitarian organizations to give back to society. In a recent event, it has partnered with UNICEF in Hong Kong to make education better for children in Asia.

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