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Certapro Painters Application Online


Certapro Painters offers various painting services to businesses and residences. The company helps homeowners and businesses in improving the looks of their homes and buildings.

Founded in 1992, the company expands by offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs. With excellent services and dedication, it serves millions of households and building owners.

To date, the Franchise Company owns Certapro Painters. Most of the stores are franchisees. Despite this fact, the company expects its employees to uphold the same excellent services that the company maintains.

Employees receive higher-than-average salaries. Whether an employee works part-time or full time, they enjoy comprehensive benefits. These benefits may range from paid holidays to a retirement plan.

People like working in the company because of its core values. The company maintains professionalism and gives equal opportunities. You can get a promotion based on your performance and not on your ethnicity.

How old do you have to be to work at Certapro Painters?

Some offices accept 16 years olds with work permits. Most stores only hire those at least 18 years old. With these differences, it’s best to inquire first before sending an application.

Certapro Painters Careers

Painters: They perform fieldwork on a daily or per-project basis. Fieldworks involve painting a customer’s house. It may also include inspection before the actual painting job.

Sales Associates: Before the painters proceed with the job, associates entertain customers. They handle customer inquiries and help these customers choose a color. They schedule the painting appointment and coordinate it with the painters and the foreman.

Foreman: A foreman ensures that the painters are doing their job. This position requires leadership and decision-making skills. They are the ones tasked to handle customer complaints.

Managers: They manage the store and ensure that all employees are complying with company policies. They make recommendations whether to hire or fire an employee. Managers handle conflicts between employees, and between customers and employees.

Other jobs include residential sales associate, craftsman, associates, accounting clerk, marketing supervisors, marketing managers, HR supervisor, HR manager, HR associate, administrative assistant, and residential marketing associates.

Certapro Painters Application

The company does not provide a direct link to their online application. You need to call them to inquire about vacant positions. If you prefer a location near your place, look for the telephone number in the main site directory.

The company still accepts online application through email submission. However, you have to call them and ask for specific instructions. Each store definitely accepts an offline application.

When filling up the application form, be sure to double-check everything. Any mistakes that could lead to inconsistencies and confusion could actually cost you your chance of being hired.

Painting jobs require precision and creativity. Include work experiences where you have dealt with precise activities or creative endeavors even if these jobs are not exact painting jobs.

The company interviews applicants in a traditional way. They call you for an appointment. Prepare your answers for the interview questions. These questions may include describing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.

Facts About Certapro Painters

The employees follow a protocol. It enables the company to serve thousands of property owners every day without any hassle. In addition, the company requires its employees to be detail-oriented.

The company is a regular on TV shows. Through these shows, it displays its professionalism and excellent work. Aside from these shows, Certapro Painters provide tips on its blog.

For more than two decades, the company provides painting jobs to residences and commercial spaces. Through the years, it gave excellent service. It became the first choice of everyone who needs to refurbish and repaint.

The company sponsors the Community Associations Institute (CAI) of North Carolina. The CAI of NC promotes professionalism and effective citizenship by providing programs and education. With the help of the company, this group has become successful.

Application Links

Company: http://www.certapro.com/#

Careers: http://www.certapro.com/careers-painting.aspx

Application: http://www.certapro.com/FranchiseMedia/2061/Employment%20Application%20(Indy%20style).pdf

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