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JEA is a company for numerous customers. It deals with electric, sewer, and water needs. It is solely based within Jacksonville, FL. It was planted and founded there, where it remains today.

JEA serves northeast FL, where Jacksonville is places, and is a not-for-profit business. It is community owned as well. You can imagine some offsets as a result of this, no doubt.

Utility needs as such are many. Investors do not own JEA. The city of Jacksonville created this business, for example, and that turns the tables in a different way as well…

JEA has about 447,000 electric customers. It has about 329,000 water customers and around 254,000 sewer customers as well. JEA is still growing, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Residential customers comprise about half of JEA’s electric revenue. The other half comes from customers commercial, and in the industry. JEA owns its own electric system and is proud of it.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At JEA?

The usual beginning age here for most jobs is that of 18. Older candidates are preferred. A GED or high school diploma is required for all listed jobs and apprenticeships/training programs with JEA.

JEA Careers

JEA offers careers in engineering, utility, wastewater, and construction. These are their main jobs. They are all offered at the entry level and lower level status. First, engineering involves training; once you have passed the program, you work under a mentor for a few months in either the electrical or the mechanical areas of the main buildings and company partner buildings. Tools are provided upon completion of training; a learning attitude is a must.

Next is utility. Very similar to engineering, one follows a very comprehensive training program, mentorship, and schedule in depth. Upon completion, one begins to work on call for the company.

Wastewater involves, as the name implies, working in the wastewater treatment plant facility. It involves a licensing procedure and safety hazard training. On the job training takes place. One then treats, detects, and processes the sewage and water systems & lines. Construction involves working with the company blueprints to build new models or actual frames and buildings for new plants and facilities. It is day long manual labor.

Less common positions for JEA do exist as well. They involve being a corporate business and meetings advisor. They also include general PR and company strategy/marketing, and some door to door sales.

JEA Application

There is a “work with us” tab at the top of the main page. Click on it. Follow to the left of the screen.From there you will be able to see sub divisions of jobs available. Choose one.

Create a profile if you have not already.This profile becomes your own job seeker profile for future use. All jobs applied to on the page will be filled in with your profile. Do not overlook anything.

It is of much importance to fill in every area correctly. Put in as much information as you can. The more that you add, the more that it will supplement your application for a career.

Once your profile is complete, begin a search. Search all jobs in the search area. Apply and continue applying until satisfaction. Make sure to read everything twice before submitting final applications.

It is important to always review and make changes before things are submitted. Once they are submitted, changes can not be made. Employers should reach out in about a week or longer if you are a good fit.

Facts About JEA

Did you know that JEA offers real estate services as well? It is true. They do. This covers additional PR and legal issues which may arise in relation to the company, as well. It is very good to be well prepared in all areas, and it seems that JEA has got all bases covered.

JEA also has a Board of Directors . Tom Petway is the Chair of that Board. Edward Burr is the Vice Chair.Delores Kesler is Secretary. Kelly Flanagan and Warren Jones are other Board members.

So are Husein Cumber and G. Alan Howard. JEA also has a senior leadership team . It is separate from the board. It is led by Paul McLeroy. He serves as the current Managing Director.

Did you also know that JEA has its own little OUTAGE CENTER, and that it is found for viewing on their main page as well? It offers blueprints and other neat little company information and data. It is quite useful to all in the business.

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