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Charles Schwab Corporation is a brokerage firm based in America. It offers investing, banking, wealth management, and trading financial services. At first, it operated as a traditional brokerage firm. Years later, it started offering services through an online platform.

Charles R. “Chuck” Schwab founded the company in the 1970s with the name First Commander Corporation. However, four years later, it changed its name to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

The company is a listed in NASDAQ and ranks as the largest financial services company. It has more than 10,000 dedicated employees, working to achieve its goals.

Workers enjoy many benefits such as paid holidays, life insurance package, and wellness program. Long-term benefits include the 401(k) retirement plan, education reimbursement, and sabbatical leave.

People enjoy working with the company because of the many learning opportunities. Aside from employee benefits, they can learn investing and financial strategies. They apply these strategies to their personal investing activities.

How old do you have to be to work at Charles Schwab?

You must be at least 18 years old. The company requires a high school certificate or its equivalent. For management levels, you may be required to produce additional credentials to qualify.

Charles Schwab Careers

Client services specialists: They deliver customer service by helping customers with their queries on banking and investing activities. Thus, CSS should have an in-depth knowledge of banking products and services. They answer and handle more than 50 inbound calls.

Margins Operations Representatives: They handle customers’ exposure to risk and fraud. They minimize these risks. These representatives monitor account activity. They ensure that customers comply with company policy and regulatory requirements.

Help Desk Specialists: They assist employees with technical problems. They provide troubleshooting measures to their co-workers. These specialists act as look-outs for possible fraud activities. Aside from these, they also resolve customer issues.

Administrative Assistants: They perform clerical and organizational responsibilities. They consolidate files, draft letters, schedule activities and support other workers.

Other available positions may include accountant, financial analysts, brokerage operations representative, sales associate, human resource assistant/officer, and financial consultants, legal assistant and marketing associates.

Charles Schwab Application

Applying for a position in the company is simple. Visit their site and answer a few questions. The site requires that you create a profile before you can send an application.

The company receives online application only. Online application is the fastest way of getting a job in Charles Schwab Corporation. Through the online profile, job hopefuls can receive email updates.

If you do not get any appointment on your first attempt, do not lose hope. Always keep your information updated. The company keeps its doors open to interested applicants and scans the online profiles for prospective employees, regularly.

Many applicants receive rejection messages or no messages at all. To stand out among these applicants, maintain activity to your online profile. Meaning, keep your resume updated. Send an application once a month until you get that interview appointment.

Prepare once you get an interview appointment. Read the company’s profile and on topics about financial investment. The interviewer will certainly ask questions on these matters.

Facts about Charles Schwab

The company’s motto is “No barriers, no ceiling, and no limits.” Throughout its years in the financial industry, it built a reputation for being a company that encourages employees to reach their highest potential.

The company has won accolades for its rapid growth and excellent performance. Last year, it ranked number one in J.D. Power and Associates, garnering the highest satisfaction rating.

Last year, the company ranked #10 in Barron’s Best Fund Families. It earned this ranking because of its dedication. Aside from being the best in the financial industry, the company conducts an annual Charles Schwab Cup Championship.

Charles Schwab also encourages employees to give back to the community by paying them their volunteered hours to non-profit organizations. Aside from this endeavor, the company has a foundation that helps people in need.

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