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Check into Cash offers financial services such as loans, bill payments center, money transfers, and money orders. The company is a member of Community Financial Services Association of America. It helps in setting standards in the loan industry.

Allan Jones founded the company in Cleveland, Tennessee. The payday loan industry recognized Jones as the pioneer of this lending industry. The Check Into Cash Company started its operations in the 1990s.

The company has more than 1000 locations in 30 states and continues to expand. In the last couple of years, it acquired two financial services companies. The company hires more than 3000 employees.

Employee benefits include dental, life and medical insurances. It also consists of short-term and long-term disability assistance. Other benefits may include paid leaves and time off. Eligible employees may qualify for a personal retirement plan.

The company adheres to no discrimination policy. Regardless of culture, religion, nationality and gender, employees get equal treatment. The management evaluates employees for their performance.

How old do you have to be to work at Check Into Cash?

The minimum age to work is 18 years old. Applicants must have a valid driving license. The company may also require a high school diploma or an equivalent e.g. a GED.

Check Into Cash Careers

Customer Service Representatives: This position requires friendly attitude towards customers at all times. Representatives interact with customer daily. They handle cash transactions so honesty is important. A computer skill is an advantage.

Vehicle Appraisal Specialists: They assist in determining loan value. They document transactions and conduct follow-ups with customers. Applicants must have office proficiency. Previous experience is an advantage.

Data Analysts: They analyze data for business trends. They communicate their findings to the concerned department. Analysts promote data analysis and reporting standards in accordance with company’s mission and vision.

Assistant Manager: This job requires excellent marketing and interpersonal skills. Employees with prior financial service experience may have faster promotional opportunities than those who don’t have.

Other jobs may include managers, social media specialists, center manager, regional marketing associates, district associates or managers.

Check Into Cash Application

Create an online profile before submitting an application. Answer the form within an hour. To maximize time, print the application form and answer manually. Once done, answer the form online. You cannot change your answers once you click submit.

The company accepts online application. You can either fax your resume or submit it personally to any branch near you. Although the online application is acceptable, applicants who show interests through personal applications may be given priority.

Wait for at least two weeks for any notification. If you don’t receive any appointment for an interview, follow up by visiting personally or call a Check into Cash branch.

Submit a personalized resume. Your resume should match the information on your application form. For personal visits, include a printed and fully accomplished application form.

The company needs dedicated employees who demonstrate the initiative to learn more. You can show your initiative by preparing for the interview. Impress your hiring managers. Formulate answers that bring out your true potential without appearing arrogant.

Facts about Check Into Cash

The company maintains a culture of equal opportunities for its employees. It provides excellent and honest service for its customers. It manifests its core company values through full and transparent disclosure of its offered services.

Last July 2016, the company launched its new financial product, the flex loan. Customers can enjoy renewable fund sources and can borrow up to $2500.

Check into Cash Company pioneered the payday advance industry. It created opportunities for its customers to improve their economic lives. Despite the difficulty of providing such financial services, the company made it because of teamwork and excellent marketing efforts.

Like many other companies, this company sponsors kids’ clubs and donates money to these organizations. Just recently, it conducted Cash For Kids Facebook giveaway. This program benefited a research hospital for kids.

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