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Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant gives North America a taste of real Mexican cuisine with old-time favorites like tortilla, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, and tacos. As a preferred evening pastime, it serves various drinks with a kick of tequila and margaritas.

Chevys Fresh Mex history began when it was founded by Warren Simmons in 1981. As a brand under the Real Mex Restaurants Group, it shares in its 62 years of food industry success and takes part in the biggest Mexican restaurant chain.

With 50 restaurants operated by 3,000 employees, it expects annual revenue of $65 million. Franchising the business only commenced recently. As a result, expansions had been slow but expected to bring about incredible growth in the coming years.

Employment benefits include competitive salary, complete healthcare insurance, disability insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, employee assistance programs, performance-based bonuses, meal discounts and flexible schedules. Employees who give a referral earn cash incentives.

The company takes customer service seriously and equips employees with extensive training programs, preparing them to meet customer requirements. Training offered include Specialized Development Programs for “Rising Stars”, New Manager Training and Ongoing Training and Development.

How old do you have to be to work at Chevys Fresh Mex?

Chevys requires its workers to be at least 16 years old. It offers full-time and part-time employment in its 50 restaurants and in its corporate headquarters in Texas.

Chevys Fresh Mex Careers

Host/HostessThis position is accessible to entry-level workers. The host/hostess needs to be presentable, has strong interpersonal skills and with pleasing personality to accept customers, take reservations and respond to inquiries.

Server – Accessible to entry-level workers, this role involves taking orders, taking orders then relaying these to cooks. They deal with customers directly. Serving them also lets them earn tips.

Bartender – Another entry-level opportunity. Training is available for those without prior bartending experience. It requires ability in mixing and preparing beverages for customers. Serving drinks requires a minimum age limit of 21 years old.

Assistant Manager – This position is available for professionals with relevant experience in supervisory function. Duties include helping the manager oversee the performance of employees, and the performance of the restaurant.

The company offers other employment opportunities to entry-level workers. Restaurant jobs include busser, cook, dishwasher, maintenance technician or mechanic, sales and marketing intern. Corporate functions are also available in the accounting, finance, purchasing & distribution, IT, marketing and HR departments.

Chevys Fresh Mex Application

Job availability is posted in the company website. Applicants may inquire directly at the store for any vacancies. Make sure that the location where you are applying is preferable to you and the job matches your skills and goals.

Online and in store applications are accepted. While it’s better to go directly at the store where you’re seeking employment, submission online is faster and easier.

Application forms are available online and in store. Complete the form with accurate information and keep it free from grammar or spelling errors.

Whether you will be invited for an interview or not depends on the strength of your resume. Your resume should highlight your credentials and career achievements over the years.

The application process depends on the role, how soon it’s needed and how many applicants are being considered. Show presentation, interpersonal and communication skills upon interview. Follow up the status of your application by phone to signify commitment and interest.

Things to Know About Chevys Fresh Mex

The company believes in continuous learning, training and growth. It considers education and advancement as opportunities in making the company successful. It fosters a culture of professionalism, integrity and respect among its workers.

Chevys Fresh Mex gives guests more personal dining experience through its campaign “#MyChevys”. This involves having the digital images of diners framed in a Chevys themed coaster. Guests participate in food preparation through the Mix & Match Mesquite Grilled Fajitas.

Chevys is known for being true to its Mexican taste. Over the years, customers recognize Chevys with its tradition of serving Mexican delicacies. To poise the restaurant for more growth opportunities, it likewise prepares employees through rigorous training programs.

Chevys Fresh Mex, as part of its social efforts, sponsors the 64-lap NASCAR K&N Pro Series West in the Sonoma Raceway. Through this partnership, the company aims to satiate Mexican food cravings of car racing aficionados.

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