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Circle K is a relaxed company with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that is fast paced.  Their mission is to be the best place to work and shop.   The company is always looking for people who are friendly with an outgoing personality, and those people who like people.  This is a good opportunity to get into the retail industry and if interested, there is a link at the bottom to search for Circle K jobs and fill out a Circle K application.

In 1951 Fred Hervey purchased 3 stores which would eventually become Circle K.  By 1975 more than a 1000 stores had opened.  Within ten years, the company went international and reached $1 billion dollars in sales.  In 1999, franchise opportunities were introduced and currently, there are more than 7000 stores in the US and thirteen other countries.  The Corporate Headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company takes pride in doing responsible retailing.  What this entails is tobacco products being out of the reach of minors and customers will be carded for sales of restricted items such as beer and tobacco products.

Responsible retailing isn’t the only thing the Circle K prides itself on.  Each Circle K does their part in their local community by donating to local charities and organizations.  They express their commitment to their community in practical and powerful ways.

Circle K Careers

There are many Circle K jobs in the store, in the field and in the office.  The careers in the store include Customer Service Representative, Lead CSR, Assistant Manager or Manager in Training, and General Store Manager.  All positions offer training and competitive salaries.

Other Circle K careers include corporate and field market opportunities.  Corporate careers include Advertising, Human Resources, Marketing and Facilities Management.  Field job openings include Retail Operations Director, Market Manager, and Franchise Development Specialist.

How old do you have to be to work at Circle K?

Due to the age restricted products that are sold, the minimum age requirement for all positions is 18 years of age and retail experience is preferred.

Circle K full time employees and management enjoy a wide variety of benefits.  Some of those benefits include medical and dental plans, 401(k) savings plans, paid vacation, paid holidays, and tuition assistance.  They also enjoy employee discounts on certain items.

How to apply for Circle K online is easy.  Find the link under Job Links, find your state, and click apply.  If you prefer to go to one of the locations and ask for a printable application for Circle K, then make sure you call your local Circle K to find out the hours of operation as each locations is different.

Circle K Job Descriptions

Customer Service Representative – The responsibilities for this role include maintaining a clean environment which includes sweeping, mopping and restroom cleanliness.  Other duties include giving prompt and courteous service and handling all store transactions.

Lead Customer Service Representative – The Lead Customer Service Representative has similar duties such as stocking the shelves, handling all store transactions and giving prompt an courteous service.  Other responsibilities include answer questions that the other Customer Service Representatives may have and customer resolution.

Assistant Manager/Manager In Training – The Assistant Manager or Manager In Training learns from and assists the General Store Manager in training and directing customer service representatives,  develop daily and weekly work schedules and participate in the hiring process.

General Store Manager – The General Store Manager exemplifies leadership.  Responsibilities include maximizing store profitability by increasing sales, controlling labor cost, and controlling inventory and cash losses.  Other requirements include training of all team members, finalize payroll, and conduct performance and disciplinary discussions.

Circle K Interview Questions

The following questions are those that are typically asked in a retail or convenience store interview.

How would you handle a long line when you are the only staff in the store? This question is asked to find out how you handle stressful situations.  Think about this question very carefully as this is a very real scenario that you might find yourself in.

What four traits would you say makes you qualified for the job?  This is your time to impress the interviewer.  If you have great people skills, tell them that you have great people skills.  If you excel at being detail oriented, let them know.  Don’t hold back and use words similar to excellent, superior, and great.

If hired how long would you expect to work for the company?  The interview asks this question to find out if you have long term plans for the company.

What is your main goal in life?  This is to find out what your goals, dreams and aspirations are.  Talk in depth about what your goals are and how you plan on achieving them.

Advice for Application Process

While doing the application, give yourself plenty of time to complete the application and any self- assessments that may be required.  It is also recommended to keep your resume on hand for easy reference.  Ensure that all areas of the application have been filled out including your name, date and signature.

Gather some questions that you would like to ask the interviewer.  This shows that you are interested in the business.  Also, practice the answers to some interview questions so that way you sound clear and concise with your responses.  Be professional yet friendly; smile and shake hands with the person that you will be speaking with.

Dress appropriately for the job that you are applying for.  If applying for a customer service representative, wear dark or khaki slacks with a polo type shirt.  If applying for a management position, wear business casual.  In either case, don’t wear heavy perfume or cologne and keep your jewelry to a minimum.

Bring a copy of your resume even if you have submitted it online.  Also, bring any other documents that you feel is appropriate to the job that you are applying for.  At the end of the interview, ask when a good time to follow up would be and thank the interview for his or her time.

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