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If you are passionate about film, enjoy working with the general public and want to progress a career with a fun and creative company, your Cinemark application is just the ticket. This company is always hiring candidates who are enthusiastic about film and customer service. If this is you, submit your free application today.

In 1984, Lee Roy Mitchel founded Cinemark on the belief that a quality cinema experience should be available to all, emphasized today by the diverse range of concessions available. The company prides itself on innovation, using the latest technology to continually improve the overall cinema experience that it offers.

Working at Cinemark is fun, creative, rewarding and offers significant room for progression. For many, it is a taste of the film industry, with an opportunity to learn about filmmaking and marketing. For others, working at Cinemark is a great opportunity to work towards a career in theatre management.

The company is one of the largest cinema chains in the world, and is the most geographically diverse in South America – 148 theatres in a dozen countries. It currently operates over 490 theatres in locations spread throughout the United States. Internationally, it is the second largest cinema chain on the globe.

Cinemark Careers

Theatre jobs are exciting and busy, packed with customers and audiences. The roles on offer tend to be diverse, but an excellent level of customer service and professionalism is required by all. If you enjoy interacting with the public, send your Cinemark application to your local theatre or apply online.

There are also many job opportunities with the company’s corporate division. The film industry doesn’t just live off ticket sales – advertising is a major course of revenue for film companies and cinemas. Corporate jobs in graphic design and marketing are responsible for such activities.

How old do you have to be to work at Cinemark?

You have to be 16 to apply for Cinemark jobs. Besides that, you just have to be friendly, polite and professional. Certain positions may require particular experience or qualifications, however.

Employee benefits can be different depending on the position held, but the perks on offer include life and travel insurance, prescription drug cards, all the way to free movie passes. The company will also equal your 401K contribution. All of this is on top of paid training and excellent progression opportunities.

Cinema operating hours are very much dependent upon current films and last showing times. Shifts tend to be operated. Corporate jobs are worked around regular office hours, with the exception of some support positions.

Cinemark Job Descriptions

Cashier – Although other duties need to be carried out from time to time, your main responsibilities will involve ticket sales and monetary transactions. This role requires a polite manner and a helpful attitude. Cashiers are paid around $9 per hour, in line with other entry-level positions.

Usher – Your duties include showing customers to their screens and seats, being the first point of contact for queries and concerns. You are responsible for the safety and comfort of all guest, and will need to be ready to assist whenever called upon. The hourly wage for ushers will generally start somewhere in the region of $9.

Projectionist – You will be responsible for operating the projection equipment and ensuring the smooth running of films. This could be a great insight for any budding film technicians or production artists. Projectionists can expect to be paid around $9 per hour, on par with ushers and cashiers.

Theatre Manager – With full accountability for profit & loss, employee and customer safety, and the overall operation of your theatre, this is a demanding and rewarding positions to work in. Theatre managers can earn a salary anywhere between $55k and $77k per annum, depending on theatre size and personal performance.

Cinemark Interview Questions

Interview questioning can be tricky. Prepare yourself by thinking about some of these:

Why do you think you would be successful in this role? It’s time to explain how your personal qualities will complement the core values of the business. You are basically being asked what you think it takes to be successful in this position, with this company, and how you would achieve that.

What was the last major crisis you handled? This question is the interviewer’s means of further assessing how you react and cope under pressure. It could be as simple as settling an argument, or solving a problem with a time constraint.

What is your favorite film? This is a test on product knowledge, as well your ability to give a critique. Movies are the merchandise – know how to sell them. An interest in theatre on the whole would make you a more likely candidate.

How do you respond to criticism? You need to talk about how you show humility. Criticism is key – people will carry on doing the wrong thing forever unless they are told otherwise. More can be learned from failure than success.

What did you dislike about your last job? If you say you had to work too hard, you’re in trouble. Employers want to know that you are applying for the right reasons. For instance, perhaps you had progressed to the limits of your previous role?

Advice for Application Process

You can apply for Cinemark jobs online using the link below. On the same webpage you can also click on the ‘download application form’ button to obtain a printable application for Cinemark. The Cinemark careers page includes advice on how to apply for Cinemark online.

When you apply for jobs at Cinemark, enter your resume details carefully and take extra care if filling out a printable application form. Hiring managers receive dozens of applications, so ensure that they find yours to be concise and professional. Show initiative by making a direct application rather than going through a recruiter.

Know the job description backwards. Your interviewer will expect that you have done adequate research. Try to bring a copy of your online application if possible – it makes for a handy reference. Above all, be yourself and be polite – your attitude will be assessed in terms of how you would come across to a theatre guest.

Depending on the position, the interview can be short. For many roles, you may need to take you application to your local theatre. At this time you may be given an interview date, or even offered a job on the spot. The whole process is usually take less than 2 weeks.

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