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Founded in 1908 Converse is a renowned shoe company in America. It was set up by Marquis Mills Converse under the name of the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden Massachusetts. In 2003 the company was bought by Nike and its present headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. With an international presence through 160 retail stores in various locations and about 75 company owned retail stores all over America, there is a constant demand of people to join their workforce. You can find a full array of job opportunities through the Converse application link at the end of the page.

The company strongly believes in contributing to the local communities in which they operate. It is a big part of an AIDS prevention and awareness campaign. In addition to this Converse also partners with local community groups in the Boston area that work for the well being of the community’s youth such as the various boys and girls clubs and also help foster artistic endeavors in the community.

Converse takes good care of its employees. In addition to offering employee discounts on various products, the company offers competitive pay, career advancement opportunities, some health benefits and retirement savings plans. Benefits are based on work, location and experience and differ from individual to individual.

You can apply for jobs at Converse by either downloading printable application for converse or by filling out an online application for Converse jobs.

Converse Careers

There are various converse jobs online you can submit your applications for. The two main areas in which you can send your direct applications are in retail and corporate. The company also offers temporary opportunities and internships too for students looking to get a feel of the organization. Working at Converse means one doesn’t just have jobs but Converse careers.

Some of the jobs that are currently available at Converse are Allocation Analyst, Associate Development Manager, Business Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Seasonal Associate, Associate Apparel Product Merchandiser, Print and Pattern Designer, Site Merchandiser, Retail Ops Specialist and Talent Management Director.

How old do you have to be to work at Converse?

The minimum age requirement for employment at Converse is 18 years. However before you download application form be sure to check the specific age and skill requirements, as this may vary based on the nature of the work for which you wish to put in a free application.

Once you decide to apply at Converse you can download printable application form and send in a direct application or you can see how to apply for Converse online and send an online application through the company website or the link at the end of the document.

Converse Job Descriptions

Inside Sales Representative – In this role it would be your job to ensure company sales goals and objectives are being communicated to commercial sales teams. You would be responsible for ensuring deadlines and goals are being met. In this position you would be responsible for analyzing competitor activities and offering solutions to bring the Converse brand in the limelight. If you have past experience in a similar position in the footwear industry then you may be an eligible candidate for this job. You can expect to earn a salary of about $75000 per year in this job.

Print and Pattern Designer –  This is a full time position requiring someone who has a great sense of style and understands the Converse customers well. In this role you would be responsible for coming up with innovative designs and patterns for the company’s various product lines. If you have prior experience in a similar role and enjoy being creative then this may be the job for you. You can expect to earn about $45 per hour in this position.

Business Manager – This position requires extensive interaction with the company’s Global Business Partners and would require a lot of reporting and analyzing of information. If you have past experience as a business manager, thrive under pressure and are an excellent team player then this may be the right job for you. You can expect to earn about $116000 per year in this job.

Allocation Analyst – In this position your responsibilities would include ensuring all products are adequately allocated to stores based on customer needs and demands keeping seasonal factors in consideration. If you have past experience in a similar position then this may be the job for you. This position pays about $41000 per year.

Converse Interview Questions

Preparing yourself before an interview is a sure shot way to acing it. What better way to do so than by having a set of sample questions and rehearsing the set of answers in advance. Below are a set of such questions for an interview for Converse jobs.

Tell us about your most recent job? The hiring manager wants to know whether you have past skills and knowledge to perform efficiently and effectively for the position you have applied for. Also what value you will be adding to the organization based on your past experience and qualifications.

What is it about Converse that inspires you the most? For a recruiter it is of utmost importance that the prospective employee is inspired by their place of work. This enables better performance and assists in both employee and company development.

Which in your opinion is our most favoured product? Every company is famous for a specific product in its long list of product lines. Be sure to do your research about the company and the industry to be able to properly answer such a question. It is important that all employees know what the company does best in order to be a highly effective part of the organization.

Who do you think are our main competitors? Beating the competition is a major part of business success. Prospective candidates who are aware of the business line the company is in and who their competitors are, can better assess how to perform and react in face of underlying and impending competition.

How much do you expect to earn in this position? Recruiters always want to know what prospective candidates expect in terms of monetary compensation to assess how much they should offer also whether their current pay rates are in effect in line with the market demand. So be prepared to answer a question on these lines.

Advice For Application Process

Once you embark on your job search and decide to apply for openings at Converse be sure to review all application details before you submit your resume. Whether you apply online or through the direct application in print. Be sure to confirm that your submission is free of any errors and mistakes.

Converse prides itself in being a stylish and contemporary brand and so would like its employees to resonate that image. Take care to dress well keeping your individual personality and taste in mind. Being comfortably dressed in something that speaks volumes about you as a person also helps boost your confidence.

To perform your best during the interview in response to your Converse application be sure to get a good night’s rest, arrive a little before your scheduled time and answer questions calmly and to the point. Be prepared with a set of questions you may want answered if the interviewer does not already allude to them.

Whatever the outcome of the interview be sure to take away something of value and make it a learning experience to perform well in future. At the end of the day all that matters is whether you were able to learn something from the whole experience.

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