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Costco has been named by the Washington CEO Magazine as one of the best companies to work for in Washington State. This is not surprising, as Costco Wholesale is multi-million dollar retail wholesaler. The company owns and operates warehouse clubs in more than eight countries.

The business is not like your ordinary grocery store because it requires a membership to shop there. Though, the membership gives a wider selection of merchandise with the option to select from specialty departments to find just what you may be looking for.

Originally under the Price Club name, the company first opened in 1976. It started in a converted airplane hangar that was located in Morena Boulevard in San Diego. The warehouse found that by not only serving small businesses but also non-business members, there was huge success. Shortly after the business of the warehouse club industry skyrocketed.

The quick development of this business led to make Costco the first company ever to reach $3 billion in sales in the span of six years. This is also due to the company philosophy, which has been keeping prices down for their members while helping them save during the shopping experience.

The industry is also committed to environmental stability. Emphasis areas include ocean resources such as fish, minerals, animal welfare, eggs, and palm oil.  From these areas the business tries to create a stable inventory of 4,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) rather than the standard of 30,000 found at supermarkets to give quality to their customers.

Costco Careers

Working in the wholesale business, especially a Costco career, it can provide a number of paths depending on your ambition. The business provides great benefits while ensuring that the work environment is friendly and ethical for their employees. Costco careers ensure that employees have stable career growth.

Career paths can range from warehouse, home office jobs, information technology, and licensed professions. The majority of Costco jobs available are in the warehouse category, so if you wish to pursue a career in the wholesale industry a warehouse job might be the job for you at Costco to achieve a satisfying career.

How old do you have to be to work at Costco?

Firstly, you should check the job description to the job you are applying for. The minimum age can vary depending on the job. For the majority of jobs at Costco, such as warehouse jobs, you must at least be the age of 18 at the time of application.

The benefits from working in a Costco career are wide ranging. They can be from health benefits to gym memberships. The company also provides reimbursement accounts and a 401(k) savings plan. Other than financial accounts, insurance is also provided from accidental death to dismemberment insurance.

Costco Job Descriptions

Stocker – A stocker ensures that the merchandise in the store is in organized while making sure specific items are facing the isles. Other than making sure merchandise is in the correct place, they are responsible for the cleanliness of the isles and assisting team members when possible. Stockers make an average of $13/hr.

Cashier – Cashiers take care of all the point of sale transactions. People working in this position make sure the customer transaction is a smooth and accurate process. Working with money is a must and having competent mathematical skills is necessary to do the job well. Cashiers earn an average of $15/hr. with the addition of a cash and stock bonus.

Food Service Assistant – Assistants are responsible for the preparation of food and beverages to sell to customers. Other responsibilities include the cleanliness of the kitchen and eating area. People working in this position must be able to regularly supply and stock the kitchen while providing satisfactory member service.

Warehouse Stocker – Being a warehouse stocker requires the ability to lift heavy objects from unloading trucks and stocking shelves. Stockers also maintain product levels by executing continuous checks and labeling the appropriate merchandise. Warehouse workers make an average of $14/hr.

Costco Interview Questions

Have you ever worked in a customer service position before? If you have, answer with a relevant experience. Talk about how you met the customer’s needs in an efficient and informational manner. If you have not, talk about how you have met other peoples needs through helping them out. It could be from volunteer work, or a school event.

How would you feel if you were asked to do something that was not usually part of your job? This question can be tricky. Initially explain how you would do the job, because it would be helping a fellow coworker. Usually when you are asked to do a job outside of your responsibilities, it is because someone needs help. Make it apparent that you are willing do what it takes to have an efficient working environment by assisting in areas other than what your position may require.

Describe a time you had multiple things to accomplish and how did you remain calm and complete the tasks? Explain how you established priorities. Being able to identify what needs to be accomplished first and last is a good way to show analytical thinking. By identifying what needs done first, it limits the amount of stress because an ordered plan has been created.

Describe a time you had to make a difficult or unpopular decision? Sometimes the majority of coworkers may be lazy in a specific area. Usually this kind of question occurs in a position of leadership. Explain how you weighed pros and cons of making the decision. This can help in showing how making a choice is often done by the facts, not on the dispositions of coworkers or even yourself.

Advice For Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Costco online, there is a link below under application links where you can find a Costco job application online. Applying for jobs at Costco requires that you create an account before filling out a Costco application. Make sure you create an account where the password is easy to remember so you can return to the application later.

Making a printable application for Costco can be beneficial at a job interview.  If you do not own a printer, you can most likely find a free one at your local store. Having a physical application during the interview can be convenient for the interviewer to take a view of your information. It also shows that you are prepared and organized to your potential employer.

Interviews at the company are very laid back. Often the jobs at the warehouse level are easygoing because they are entry-level positions. Try wearing a polo with jeans or khakis to the interview. If you choose not to wear a polo, try avoiding a t-shirt with graphics. Wearing something with text or artwork can be distracting to a potential employer.

If you lack experience in the wholesale business and wish to pursue a job at Costco, try getting a membership at their store. Visiting a prospective place of work and observing what people do can really help develop an understanding of the business. Also, try speaking to people about what they do on a daily basis. This can help you create friendships with potential coworkers and give you a head start in the application process.

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