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David’s Bridal is the largest clothing company, which specializes in bridal gowns. Aside from bridal gowns, it also makes prom dresses and formal wears. The company operates in United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

David Reisberg created the original company in 1945. Throughout its years of operation, many corporations and entrepreneurs bought the company. As of to date, the newest owner is the Clayton, Dubilier & Rice firm.

The company has 300 branches across the 45 states of America, Canada and Puerto Rico. It features expensive-looking gowns with prices that are affordable for anyone.

David’s Bridal offers healthcare benefits to all employees, either part-time or full-time. The company provides paid training, paid time off and holiday pay. It gives many opportunities for career advancement.

People like working in the company because of the benefits. After the first payday, employees enjoy a generous worker discount. Aside from these benefits, workers have options for flexible work scheduling.

How old do you have to be to work at David’s Bridal?

The minimum age requirement is 18. However, some stores accept 14 years old with a work permit to work part-time. Check out the age requirements before applying.

David’s Bridal Careers

Customer Service Representatives: They handle customer inquiries and complaints. This position requires friendly demeanor and knowledge of telephone etiquette. In addition, applicants must possess a general expertise in the fashion industry so that they can answer customers’ questions accurately.

Alterations Specialists: They perform alteration fittings on bridal dresses. They may even suggest product options to customers. This position requires knowledge on general tailoring and design.

Wedding Sales Stylists: They prepare appointments with customers and schedule event consultations. They handle the sales and ensure that customers get excellent experience with their purchases. Thus, they should be cheerful and friendly at all times.

Assistant Store Managers: This position requires previous experience in customer service. They assist the store managers in managing the daily operations. They help in training newly hired employees.

Other entry-level positions include sales consultant, stock receiver, seamstress, and presser. Store manager, multi-unit manager, event coordinator and alterations manager are some of the managerial positions.

David’s Bridal Application

Create an online profile via the company’s website before applying. Keep your profile updated for future use. To follow up on an application, you may visit the store you indicated as preferred location.

David’s Bridal accepts both online and offline application. If you do not prefer creating an online account, you can always visit the nearest store. Submit a resume and wait for an interview appointment.

Use your real name in creating an online account to increase your chance of hiring. Provide a clear profile picture. Be specific about your job goals. Attach your resume as soon as you verify your online job profile with the company.

Include experience related to the job you are applying. If this application is your first, enumerate seminars and training you have attended related to fashion industry. Extracurricular activities related to fashion may help you get that job.

Expect to hear questions on fashion, design and sewing techniques, especially if you are applying for a seamstress or alteration specialists. Practice smiling in answering interview questions even if the job you applied for does not fall under frontline positions.

Facts about David’s Bridal

The company boasts of equal opportunity employment. It seeks dedicated individuals who enjoy a fast-paced environment. It stays competitive and delivers quality products and services.

All stores offer a reward system for its customers. Aside from rewards, customers enjoy a layaway plan where they can pay their bridal gowns in installment basis for six months. David’s Bridal also participates in fashion shows.

The company is known for giving the best wedding for its bride customers. People seek the professional advice of its employees. The company offers complete service – from wedding gown fitting to photo shoots.

David’s Bridal gives back to the community by donating a sum of money to charity organizations. The company directly coordinates with these charitable institutions. Most of its fashion shows benefit these organizations.

Application Links

Company: http://www.davidsbridal.com/

Careers: http://jobs.davidsbridal.com/

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