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Disney Store

The start of the company occurred in 1987 in the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California. It is a specialty store chain in the toy industry that has branched internationally, selling only Disney items. In 2002 the chain began to split into two kinds of stores, Disney Play selling brand toys and costumes for children and Disney Kids at Home selling products parents would want to buy for their children.

Locations are spread throughout the world, with over 340 sites, offer a magical shopping experience for all guests. Disney is one of the most fruitful entertainment companies in the industry carrying high quality merchandise and living up to a strong innovative presence for customers. The brand includes unique products designed by the company such as toys, costumes, pajamas, snow globes, stuffed animals, dolls, bedding, and bathroom sets.

More than 200 million people visit the stores each year. With its popularity among fans around the world, it’s a place that can bring you an exciting adventure with your career. People say that even a bit of magic can be added to your life if you apply for one of the many Disney Store careers available through a simple online application only requiring you to submit your resume.

If you’re one of the many brand enthusiasts out there looking for a job. Check out the many job opportunities they have available. For Disney Store applications link and how to apply for Disney Store online, visit the company website. To download application form go to the site and click on the position you’re interested in. Apply online by creating a profile and submitting a questionnaire and your resume.

Disney Store Careers

You may find yourself applying online through the Disney Store application for an available position through which you’ll be provided the opportunity to design or sell advanced and genuine brand products. There are positions to fill at the corporate office as an Expert in merchandise or operations, or in the field as a Manager or Cast Member. All roles spread the magic.

In the Field, some of the specified positions the company often is hiring for include Stock and Sales Associates, Assistant and Store Managers, General Managers, Loss Prevention Associates, Key Holder Cast Members, Lead Cast Members, and Designers. Responsibilities vary depending on the position and career you are looking to grow within.

How old do you have to be to work at Disney Store?

Working at the store requires you to be 18 years of age. Unfortunately, that’s for all positions. If you are a huge Disney fan and cannot wait to apply, build up your experience now to make you a qualified applicant when you turn 18.

There’s an extensive list of beneficial supports that come to those who find employment with Disney Store jobs including a comprehensive total rewards package which can vary depending on your job status and where you work. Some benefits of eligibility include incentives, various health, life, disability, and wellness insurance packages, learning and development opportunities, PTO, legal and retirement plans, onsite childcare, and complimentary admissions and discounts.

Typical site hours are Monday thru Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm with a bit of a difference on Sundays give or take an hour or two in either direction. The store is closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. During the holiday season save some extra time and make a quick phone call to your local store for late opening and/or early closing times.

Disney Store Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – It is within your job description to join with guests to help them with whatever they need and direct them to appropriate merchandise for purchase. The person in this role must be able to help create a vibrant and enjoyable experience. You must also be a team player and carry out the duties of a typical store sales person. Pay range is from $8.00 to $11.00 per hour.

Key Holder Cast Member – In this role your responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store through collaborating with other staff to ensure customers have “The Best Retail Experience in the World”. You should consistently work to develop, improve, and encourage the stores presentation and the performance of the cast members you’re leading during your time of duty.  Hourly pay is $10.00 to $12.00. 

Lead Cast Member – Serving mainly as a brand representative to all those entering the store, in this position you make an average of $14.00/hour. It’s your duty to help the early training and continued advancement of all store Cast Members. Included in your responsibilities is maintaining the store appearance, the keeping of standards, sales protocols, and housekeeping. You must also support the manager on duty with all they may need. 

Store Manager- The salary for this position is in the range of $31,000-$64,000. You must be passionate about the Disney brand as well as encouraging and inspiring those you supervise for this role. In this job you need to take ownership of administrative responsibilities, living up to sales expectations, staffing and scheduling, managing Cast Members, overseeing daily operations, and helping guests to have the best customer experience.

Disney Store Interview Questions

If you apply for jobs at Disney Store, you’ll likely be asked a few questions from the ones listed below.

Who is your favorite Disney character and movie and why? This question will be asked of you because your interviewer wants to determine whether you are truly a Disney enthusiast. Be sure to prepare for a question like this before your interview as you’ll surely be asked this one or one similar. 

How available and flexible are you within your weekly schedule? A hiring manager would ask you this to see how open you are to filling scheduling needs that exist or may come up. He or she also wants to gain a sense of your commitments and how much time you’ll be able to give a Disney Store career. 

How would you sell Star Wars action figures? Gaining information about your sales capabilities is the point of this question. How well do you know the merchandise and do you have the ability to be persuasive enough in your interactions to sell it? Use your sales flair to show the interviewer what you’ve got.

How would you approach a child walking into the store dressed as a princess? This question is designed for a sense of how well you relate to children and whether you know Disney characters well enough to engage them. They’re also wanting to know if you’re able to help create a magical experience for the children by getting into character yourself. 

“Pick a pixar movie. How would you improve it?” and “What plan of action do you bring to challenges you face?” are questions that may be asked of you for any role, but more so for positions within the corporate office. Plan accordingly to answer queries such as these and demonstrate your knowledge and skill.

Advice For Application Process

Depending on the application volume at the time, after you apply with the free application form online, and depending on your match likelihood to an available position, you may hear from a hiring staff within a couple days to a couple weeks. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your direct application. There is unfortunately not a printable application form for Disney Store jobs online.

You should be prepared with a smile after applying through the Disney Store application online. Make sure to review the various careers available and the job requirements for each. You will want to prepare to answer questions that will share your experience and employment history relevant to the job you are interested in. It will also be important to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a position with the company.

You’ll most likely start off with a phone interview. If you pass through the initial screening, you will participate in two in-person interviews for most positions. While on the initial phone call, you can confirm what their interview process is for the specific position. At this time, it’s also a good idea to ask what the attire requirements are, should you move forward with the process.

Most of the time you can expect to receive a phone call or email correspondence from the Disney recruiter or hiring manager within a week. You can also check on your status with the company on their career website in your candidate dashboard. After you go through each step of the interview process it is always best to send a thank you email or card to who you have been corresponding with. 

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