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Everyone in American at some point in time has used or is currently using cable.  During the early 2000s, cable and internet has grown into a tremendous empire that leaves billions of dollars in revenue.  Comcast Cable is one of the leaders in the cable, phone, and internet industry.  If you are interested in working for them, you can submit a Comcast application online.

Comcast cable is a brand also doing business as Xfinity and brought millions of families the television entertainment to their homes.  As technology progresses, so do their packages and speeds.  Now offering streaming services, Comcast Cable now bundles high speed internet and cable services.  Each year they create new ways of making the homeowner more comfortable being able to watch whatever they want whenever they want.

Their business is not limited to home owners.  They also provide efficient internet and cable services to businesses by tailoring each package to their customers’ needs.  The industry of cable and internet has never been more competitive yet in much demand as it is today.  Comcast careers really give people the opportunity to venture into a dynamic and fresh industry full of technology and revenue.

Comcast services almost the entire Unites States and provides thousands of job opportunities wherever you may be.  As one of the leading cable providers, they continue to expand and research more innovative ways to enter people’s homes and businesses while providing excellent customer service and technical support 24/7.  They pride themselves in having a great working environment that promotes success.

Comcast Careers

As one of the biggest employers in the nation, finding a place in the many Comcast jobs available has never been easier.  There are positions for all levels of expertise which provide the necessary training you need to provide the excellent customer service they expect from you and the tools you need to succeed and grow within the company.  Comcast careers are now better than before and will lead you to achieve enormous success.

The many levels of employment opportunities range from departments like Field workers, sales, customer, service, call center, account managers, business sales, home sales, and more.  All these positions can be at entry level with huge growth opportunities.  Corporate positions will require more training as well as a college degree or specific certification.  These jobs include software engineers, IT techs, project managers, and more.

Comcast careers come with an array of competitive benefits that include health insurance, dental and vison insurance, retirement plans, stock options, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and more.  Their careers development program focuses on each individual’s success and is targeted to meet customer service excellence.  It is now easier than ever to apply for jobs at Comcast online.

How old do you have to be to work at Comcast?

Comcast jobs are available for candidates 18 or older.  Their careers website is very detailed and shares information on how to apply for Comcast online.  Comcast jobs online are easier to apply to since they are career specific and send a direct application to the position you have chosen.

Comcast Job Descriptions

Sales- Provides knowledge and solutions for customer’s needs while informing them of the advantages of the product they selected.  They engage with current and new customers always promoting the products and services while providing excellent customer service.  They make approximately $23k to $65k.

Field Worker- Works closely with the sales department to install fiber and equipment.  They refer to service calls and complete each job as per the sales ticket.  Provide information regarding equipment and services while adhering to company policies.  They make about $31k and $61k.

IT Support- Receives calls and messages regarding IT problems in both residential and business customers.  Provides solutions to problems by engaging with customers on a step by step troubleshooting session.  Always provide friendly and consistent customer service.  Their annual salary is between $30k and $54k.

Call Center Specialist- Receives calls and directs them to the proper department by gathering necessary information in order to determine the nature of their call.  Provides excellent customer service and adheres to company policies.  Their salary ranges from $24k to 44k.

Business Sales- Engage with new and current business customers in order to develop a package to best fit the needs of the customer.  Maintains good relationship with them by following up and promoting other products that the customer may find useful. They average an annual salary of $36k to $100k.

Comcast Interview Questions

The Comcast jobs online that you pick will determine which interview questions you need to prepare for and the following list includes a few possible ones that you may encounter.

What has been your best job accomplishment? Comcast prides itself on hiring the best of the best.  Highlighting a positive achievement in any of your previous jobs will show the many great qualities you own which will help you succeed with them.

How do you meet your sales quotas? Having a sales technique is definitely a plus if you are applying for a sales position.  There will be quotas that you need to meet.  Tell them of a specific time you exceeded your quota or how you met one while having difficulties.                                                                                                                                      

How do you handle an upset customer? Being able to keep your cool with an irate customer is a must.  Using techniques like not taking things personal and trying to reach the best possible solution for the problem are great answers.

Are you able to work outside for long periods of time? If you are applying for the filed, you will be required to be outside for long periods of time often on your feet.  You must be okay with those conditions in order to be considered for a position in the field.

Do you have sales experience? Sales experience is not required as they provide you with the proper training.  However, having sales experience increases your chances of getting hired substantially.  Let them know of your previous experience and what you liked about working in sales.

Advice for Application Process

Getting a career with Comcast may seem to be a difficult process.  However, the Comcast job application online makes it easy to determine which position you may be the best match for since they clearly have job descriptions.  You may apply for jobs at Comcast in person, however, there isn’t a printable application for Comcast online.  Requesting a direct application online can be useful if you want to do it in person.

The free application submitted will be scrutinized fully in order to determine if you require an interview and for what position.  It may take a few days before you hear back for an interview since they receive a large number of applications per day.  Customer service and all call centers will be in various locations.  This makes it simple to choose the local office that best fits your needs. You will find the address on each position link.

The Comcast jobs online describe the level of experience required to be considered for each position and may include salary and benefits.  Since there isn’t a printable application form, it is easier to go through each available opening and apply online.  You may apply for multiple positions should you qualify.  It is important to arrive on time when going to your interview or even a few minutes early to make a good impression.

The interview will be formal so you will be expected to dress in business attire and prepared with a copy of your resume.  The first impression needs to be a professional and friendly one while always expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be considered.  If you have any questions or concerns during the interview, it is important to know the best time to ask which it’s always when they ask you if you have any questions.

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