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So you are seeking ways to find a Dollar Tree application? For starters you can definitely apply online on their website. There is a special section there for Dollar Tree jobs named Careers. You will see the broad spectrum of the job opportunities they offer. It is good to have an idea of the position you want to apply for to make the search easier for you.

Filling out applications can be a tedious process. To apply for jobs at Dollar Tree retail hourly positions, you will need to download application form which is also a printable application form. The application must be printed out, filled out then submitted to the Store Manager at your local or chosen location.

Despite Dollar Tree’s business casual dress code employees are focused on the growth of the business and their willingness to get the job done. If you end up working there, expect to be involved in a lot of teamwork. They prefer a formable organization that can provide the best results for customers.

Dollar Tree hold values that motivates employees to operate in an honest and considerate way. They view attitude as everything; responsibility, integrity and courtesy. They abide by judgement by doing the right thing for the right person. When it comes to their customers they practice commitment with honor and respect.

Dollar Tree Careers

Dollar Tree is looking for people with drive, imagination and intelligence to help with growing the brand’s success. When it comes to their retail careers there are extensive options. You can apply for regular hourly positions such as customer service representative, stocker, and warehouse worker. There are also opportunities to work in management positions from assistant management to district management.

Their support center which is the corporate headquarters is the center of their stores and distribution centers. Due to the size of business they are hiring deeply skilled individuals to work in the Logistics, Merchandising, Real Estate and Finance departments. When it comes to corporate Dollar Tree careers they use sharp judgement when making hiring decisions.

How old do you have to be to work at Dollar Tree?

It is the most pondered question from prospect associates before filling out an application form. The minimum age is 18 years old and must obtain a high school diploma or GED to work there. Besides that there are no other strict requirements. They simply hope to find dedicated, friendly and motivated individuals for hire.

Dollar Tree offers numerous health benefits and employees can pick the ones that are best for their families. These benefits include medical, dental and vision plans, a prescription drug plan, long-term and short term disability coverage, company paid and voluntary life insurance and also health and dependent care reimbursement accounts.

Due to the various amount of locations, the hours of operation vary by each one. Monday through Saturday most locations are open from 8am and close at 10pm. On Sundays most locations operate from 8am til 9pm. They are open on all holidays except for Christmas and Easter and on Thanksgiving day they close six hours earlier, at 4pm.

Dollar Tree Job Descriptions

Warehouse Worker– A warehouse worker holds the responsibilities of completing shipments by processing and loading orders. Physical action is involved and includes pulling materials, packing boxes and placing orders in the delivery area. They also drive trucks and vans traveling to store vendors daily. The average pay for this position is $10.40 an hour.

General Manager– Everyday the general manager is supervising associates, handling the merchandising while serving customers. Responsibilities include securing security systems, recruiting and training prospect associates, and making sure the store is abiding by legal requirements. They also form pricing policies based on the observations they have on store merchandise. The yearly salary for this position is 45k.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk– They perform a various amount of tasks when it comes to shipping and receiving. They confirm orders by making sure items match the customers requests, making sure the shipping route is correct and organize packages when they are shipped and received. The average pay for this position is $12.85 an hour.

Cashier– A typical day for a cashier involves doing basic tasks and being an customer service aide. Daily they are greeting customers, answering questions about merchandise, taking care of returns and ringing up purchases. They may also perform sales associate duties when needed. The average pay for this position is $8 an hour.

Inventory Associate– Daily an inventory associate monitors shipments and production. They make sure that the information in the system is organized and updated at all times. Everyday they hold responsibility for preparing inventory reports, answering routine requests and provide necessary support for the logistics, operations, accounting and quality departments. The average pay for this position is $9 an hour.

Advice For Application Process

When you obtain your printable application for Dollar Tree make sure you are prepared to fill it out. Be sure to have your resume ready to attach to your application. You will be prompt to enlist your previous jobs as well as the job description for each position. Make sure you answer with details and honesty.

The Dollar Tree job application online is mostly for corporate Dollar Tree careers. Through their website you will find a wide variety of Dollar Tree jobs online with an ease to gain employment opportunities with their brand. Be sure about the positions you seek after, this will determine how you conduct yourself for your interview.

When you conduct your interview it is best to be prompt, professional and polite while looking your best. Do some research about them beforehand, it will cause you to show your interest about the industry and company. Monitor your expressions, make sure you always exude positivity. Tell the interviewer about your interests concerning the work. This will assure them about your work ethic.

If you are a new college graduate it is best to place your education at the top of your resume. Especially if you have little to none experience in the retail industry. Always summarize your most notable qualifications. At times that can be more effective than an objective statement, depending on the individual.

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