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Ecko Unlimited is a US-based fashion retail house that specializes in urban lifestyle designs for clothing and accessories. The brand is inspired by graffiti and hip-hop art.

The company was founded in 1993 by Marc Ecko. It is a subsidiary of Iconix Brand Group. Ecko Unlimited grew from a start-up business to an acclaimed American brand.

Ecko Unlimited has over 100 locations worldwide with its headquarters located in New Jersey. It is known for its unique and creative styles that cater to the younger generation.

The company provides its employees with comprehensive healthcare, insurance, discounts, training programs and good number of rest days and vacation leaves, among others.

Aside from the bragging rights for working in one of the coolest fashion retail houses, people like working at Ecko because of its happy working environment and competitive compensation packages. For all positions especially for entry level posts, the management is considerate in scheduling.

Applicants must be 18 years and above to be hired.


Ecko has a wide variety of positions to fill. They are composed of fun, talented and hard-working people. Here are among the most common jobs at Ecko: Sales Associate, Visual Merchandiser, Store Manager and Assistant Buyer.

Sales Associates at Ecko are in charge of creating an excellent customer experience by providing quality assistance to all clients. They also execute the markdowns and other promotions.

Visual Merchandisers are responsible for making sure that the store creates the vibe and feel that Ecko promotes. They should always come up with new and innovative artistic approaches in-line with the taste and preference of its target market in order to drive more sales.

Store Managers are tasked to oversee the general store operations including the stocks of products, cash flow, customer relations, advertising collaterals, periodic reporting, as well as other activities relayed from the headquarters.

Assistant buyers see to it that all the materials outsourced third party dealers arrive on time, and meet the standards required by the company.

Other common jobs at Ecko are: Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Fashion Artists and Key Holders.


Aspiring Ecko employees should submit their application and resume personally in stores.

There are no direct links in applying for a job online.

All applicants must display a remarkable knowledge of the brand and an impressive related work experience either as a student, intern or a practicing employee. Provide all important information and highlight relevant credentials to increase chances of getting an interview.

Ecko applicants must write a comprehensive resume preferably with two pages or less. Keep it short and direct to the point and avoid any grammatical or spelling errors.

As for the interview, wearing a neutral-colored Ecko shirt might help in making a positive impression instantly. However, displaying alertness, wide knowledge of the brand and the fashion industry as well as citing past experiences that shows being trustworthy, hard-working and artistic are a must. Never be late and always be courteous.

Things to Know

The work culture at Ecko is light and exciting. However, employees are always highly-motivated to excel in their jobs. The management supports training programs and fun activities to inspire employees in getting better in their respective specializations.

Ecko has been holding shows, concerts and campaigns featuring its brand ambassador Prince Royce, reaching out to millions of its fans worldwide.

Ecko is known for integrating prints and patterns from music, streetwear, video games, and action sports.

Its parent company Iconix Brand Group executes the social efforts of Ecko Unlimited.

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