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Diesel is an international fashion retail company offering a wide range of styles for jeans, clothing and accessories. The brand is distinguished as an avid promoter of passion, individuality and self-expression.

Diesel is founded by Renzo Rosso, an Italian Fashion entrepreneur, in the 1970s in Molvena, Italy.

Diesel is a subsidiary of the OTB group. It has stores in over 80 countries worldwide. The brand releases more than 3,000 new products every year.

The company offers numerous benefits to its employees including competitive healthcare and life insurance packages, above average compensation, awesome discounts on marked down items, among others.

Aside from its wide range of employee benefits, creative, service and business training programs, and events, people like working at Diesel because of its outstanding commitment to provide career growth and exciting fashion environment to its employees.

Applicants at Diesel should be at least 18 years of age.


The most common jobs at Diesel are: Sales Assistant, Store Manager, Assistant Buyer, and Field Visual Merchandiser.

Sales Assistants are in charge of making sure that each customer experiences outstanding service and assistance. This job is a good training ground for those aiming for managerial positions at the company.

Store Managers are responsible for the general situation of the store including the flow of sales, products, marketing efforts, employees and customer relations.

Assistant buyers work closely with third party partners of the brand. They make sure that the specs, pricing and deadlines are in-line with the requirements of the company. This is a good entry level position for both the business and fashion side of Diesel.

Field Visual Merchandisers are tasked to maintain the brand image of Diesel in each store. With the highly recognizable style and feel of the brand, visual merchandisers should always innovate its artistic approach to attract customers.

Other common jobs available at diesel are: brand manager, key holder, and fashion designers.


Diesel recruits its employees coursed through its parent company OTB Group.Prospective employees can apply online or personally in Diesel Store locations.

Application forms should be filled up with all the important information especially contact details. Also, complete all the fields for work experiences and educational background. Make sure that all the relevant credentials are cited.

To increase chances in getting an interview, submit a short and precise resume. Avoid adding unnecessary information while highlight important achievements and accomplishments especially those that are related to the position applied for.

Always be prepared for phone or personal interview right after submitting the application. Memorize all your qualifications and rehearse smart answers to common interview questions. Always been punctual, polite and dress smartly.

Diesel is very particular when it comes to their brand image. The company sees to it that they stay true to the innovativeness and individuality that they promote to all their customers, partners and employees as well.

Diesel holds concerts and shows featuring famous artists, DJs and bands usually with festive theme of various music genres.

The Italian company is known for its unique and rebellious designs that can hardly be duplicated by other brands. They also maintain a high social media presence as well as in other online platforms.

Social efforts of Diesel are enveloped within the CSR programs of OTB Group for disadvantaged persons, building of remote communities as well as in the preservation of Italy’s artistic heritage.

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Website: http://global.diesel.com/

Careers: https://www.otb.net/en/otb-career/

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