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Edwin Watts Golf is an integrated multichannel specialty golf dealer.  Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, it offers a broad and cutting-edge assortment of pro-line golf equipment, apparel and accessories from some of the biggest brands in golf.

A Worldwide Golf company, Edwin Watts Golf is one of the world’s premier golf retailers at present. It was founded by the eponymous Edwin Watts, who first distinguished his business through the sale of equipment and other hard goods.

Today, there are 45 Edwin Watts Golf retail locations in 12 states. These stores frequently feature indoor hitting areas and putting greens.

As part of the Worldwide Golf family, Edwin Watts provides flexible work schedules and work-from-home opportunities to employees. The company also offers retirement and 401-k plans to employees, as well as employee discounts for its associates.

Years of experience and a dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff have helped the company earn the name America’s Golf Club. The company often boasts of the quality of its staff. Its approach toward recruiting people who know the industry well have made it a trusted name in the sport. This also leads its employees to stay.

How old do you have to be to work at Edwin Watts Golf?

The company demands a certain level of technical understanding for its positions, requiring between 3 and 6 months of work experience for entry-level jobs alone. Aspiring applicants and workers also need to be at least 18.

Edwin Watts Golf Careers 

Sales associate: Sales associates are in charge of improving sales by helping customers find the equipment suited to their needs. They must be capable of moving up to 35 pounds of equipment at a time.

Cashier: Primarily handling all customer transactions, cashiers can also take a number of other responsibilities as assigned by the management.

Club repair specialist: These specialists are tasked with fixing and enhancing the performance of equipment.  Applicants require between 12 and 24 months of prior experience in golf club repair and maintenance to qualify for this position.

E-commerce shipping associate: This job covers the logistics involved in online sale. Responsibilities include preparing, inspecting and delivering equipment, apparel and accessories to the buyer.

Edwin Watts draws on the expertise of its staff to deliver the best service that befits a top-of-the-line golf equipment retailer. An understanding of the golf industry is a must.

Edwin Watts Golf Application

Today, Edwin Watts Golf derives some of its online applications delivered from the Worldwide Golf recruitment website. Its recruitment site allows applicants to search for career opportunities at the stores near their area.

Applications are typically done online. Should prospective applicants not find any career opportunity at present, however, the parent company encourages individuals to upload their résumés for its talent community to receive updates on future career opportunities.

One of the minimum requirements for a career with this company is the ability to carry the weight of golf equipment. Those applying for the sales associate position, for instance, must be able to lift at least 35 pounds.

A knowledgeable staff lies at the heart of the company. Applicants must know the sport well before even considering a career in the company. They should also be comfortable with working variable hours and days as required by the business.

One skill that sales associates should always bring to the table from the interview onwards is the ability to connect with others. This is a critical skill needed to properly deliver lessons and tips to golfers of all skill levels.

Things to Know About Edwin Watts Golf

Over the years, the company has amassed an incredible roster of knowledgeable experts in golf. Seasoned members of the staff have been consulted by amateur and professional golfers and equipment manufacturers alike.

The company’s founder and namesake began his career in golf retail upon becoming the head professional at a new golf course at the Fort Walton Beach in 1963. His innovative approach to retail led to the winning formula that became the company’s standard to this day.

Edwin Watts has an annual tradition of holding a tent sale in its stores to offer golfers unbelievable savings in equipment and apparel.

Over the years, the company encourages the growth of golf’s popularity through events like the Irons Clinic. This encouraged novice and experienced players alike to improve their game.

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