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The goal of every Howard Johnson Inn is to leave the same souvenir to its guests: an indelible lifelong smile from a trip fondly remembered. A staple of road trips for decades, it provides a trademark home-away-from-home atmosphere to travelers.

Founded as an ice cream parlor and pharmacy in 1925, the hotel chain has delivered many smiles to travelers. It has become an American icon. Today, the Howard Johnson brand is part of the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Founded in Quincy, MA, the hotel chain now has locations across the United States and in nine other countries around the world. Many of its locations were noted for their distinct orange roofs that have become iconic to the company.

The hotel chain’s employees receive the benefits and competitive compensation that has become a standard throughout the Wyndham Group. It also offers comprehensive wellness initiatives and generous employee discounts.

As part of the Wyndham Hotel Group, Howard Johnson offers a twist in Wyndham’s “count on me” company culture, encouraging employees to deliver the brand of hospitality. The chain, like Wyndham itself, is committed to a diverse and inclusive place of work.

How old do you have to be to work at Howard Johnson Inn?

Following the Wyndham Group’s standards, the chain’s minimum age requirement is 18 years and above. College-age applicants have the option to take advantage of internships.

Howard Johnson Inn Careers

Bell person: Bell persons are tasked to help guests settle in by properly handling their luggage. They also satisfy requests either personally or by referral to the appropriate department manager. These openings are sometimes available for part-time workers.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping personnel are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel and its individual rooms. Housekeeping staff must also check if everything in the room is in working order.

Associate manager for guest services:  This junior leadership position is charged with training and overseeing the activities of service personnel and keeping extensive records of room occupancy.

Interns: Through competitively paid internships, interested college students can experience firsthand the operations that go behind managing some of the largest hotel chains in the world.

The hospitality industry is a multifaceted field with a diverse set of other career options at every stage – from the waiters and maintenance staff to marketing professionals and creative teams in charge of advertising and promotion programs.

Howard Johnson Inn Application

Applicants interested in working at the Howard Johnson Inn nearest their location can browse for specific openings at the Wyndham Hotel Group website.

Aside from online applications, the Wyndham Hotel Group also holds recruitment events in major cities throughout America and across the world. Here, applicants can receive a brief overview of the company’s culture and learn of the many opportunities available.

Interested applicants have the option to join the company’s talent network. This allows them to apply directly for the positions available on the website while allowing the company to keep in touch with them through e-mail, phone, and mobile messaging.

Applying for the talent network makes it possible for the company to send applicants updates on available positions. Submitting résumés directly to company recruiters during events increases their chances of receiving an interview schedule.

Applicants attending the company’s recruitment events can sometimes expect to participate in walk-in interviews. Here, they are introduced and invited to apply for particular careers that the company currently demands.

Things to Know About Howard Johnson Inn

Howard Johnson Inn owes a lot of its modern branding and current company culture to its roots. Many of the original draws and features of its flagship hotels have been retained.

Many hotels in the chain are pet friendly and actively encourage families to check with their destination hotel to see if they can bring their furry companions along with them during the trip.

Having started as a soda shop, the hotel brand also lent its name to a chain of restaurants, which were spun off from it in 1986. By 2016, the lone restaurant with the name had become a popular destination for nostalgic baby boomers.

Like the rest of the Wyndham Group, Howard Johnson Inn is deep set in its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The chain is a proud member of and commits to protect children from sexual exploitation.

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