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Exxon is one of the subsidiaries of ExxonMobil, a chain of gas stations and convenience stores with roughly 10,000 locations across the country. They frequently hire new employees, especially for entry-level positions.

The company was previously known as Standard Oil or Humble Oil. It was part of the Seven Sisters that led the petroleum industry from the 40’s to the 70’s.

Their primary locations are comprised of large integrated petrochemical facilities in the United States. They produce a wide array of products such as jet fuel, car tires and Mobil 1.

Exxon provides various work benefits to employees, including healthcare (medical, dental, vision, and disability), life assistance, saving plan, Medicare plans and regular expatriate programs and assignments.

The employees have diverse backgrounds yet they work harmoniously to accomplish operational tasks. They look after each other to ensure safety, security and health of every team member.

How old do you have to be to work at Exxon?

You must be 18 years or older to apply for a position at the company. You must also present at least a high school diploma.

Exxon Careers

Gas Station Attendant: Completes sales transactions of products and services. Must assist customers with purchases and selections, and provide efficient and timely service in a friendly manner.

Maintenance Technician: Performs highly diversified tasks to install, repair, troubleshoot and maintain facility equipment. Must work according to safety, productive and predictive maintenance processes of the company.

Process Safety Engineer: Provides technical support and leadership to assess risks, identify hazards and provide cost-efficient management solutions. A PSE is responsible for designing operating practices that are safe and constructive.

Human Resources Representative: Attends to employees’ concern about HR policies and procedures. Administers and upholds HR programs and activities such as benefits, compensation, staffing, safety, and training.

Other available positions include supply driver, research technician, inspector, financial analyst, routine maintenance scheduler and administrative assistance. Managerial positions are also open for qualified applicants.

Exxon Application

Interested applicants may apply via the company’s official website or by visiting the nearest hiring location. If you physically drop off your application, you may have the benefit of having a one-on-one interaction with an HR personnel.

Online application requires creating a user profile. You may apply under these categories: students and fresh graduates, professionals, and skilled craftsmen and technician. The application process varies depending on the chosen job category.

Be sure to provide appropriate, current, and concise information when filling out application forms. This will help you find a job position, which suits your skills and expertise.

Update your resume with frequency, if necessary. Include your experiences and other information that will highlight your proficiencies, though you need to make sure your abilities are appropriate for the position you’re pursuing.

Take time to research Exxon before the interview, so you’ll have an idea on how to answer the questions of the hiring personnel. If you’re planning to drop off your application personally, be prepared for on-the-spot interviews.

Things to Know About Exxon

Exxon respects diversity and prioritizes employee health. They are committed to providing products and services that protect the safety and security of customers as well.

The company recently opened their Houston Campus, which is designed to cultivate innovation and foster teamwork. Through team diversity, they continue to deliver energy needs for vehicles, homes, schools, and businesses.

The chain is known for having an exciting and dynamic workplace. The members actively promote respect for human rights and share common goals to operate responsibly.

In 2013, Exxon offered a combined $228 million in services, monies, and goods across the world through extensive support programs. Additionally, more than 20,000 associates spent almost 715,000 hours as volunteers for global charitable organizations.

Application Links

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Application: http://careers.exxonmobil.com/en/apply/How-To-Apply

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