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Mobil is an American oil company. It provides a wide range of marine, aviation, industrial and automotive lubricants. Mobil service stations offer diesel, gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, marine and aviation fuels.

Standard Oil Company of New York was founded in 1911 and registered under the name Mobiloil in 1920 headed by Henry Clay Folger. In 1999, the company merged with Exxon and formed ExxonMobil.

The parent company ExxonMobil workforce consists of over 73,000 employees worldwide. The corporate headquarters is located in Spring, Texas. The company has a global reach operating in the North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Employees are entitled to benefits package including life insurance, healthcare options, pension and retirement plans. It may also include leaves of absence, counselling adoption and education assistance.

Because of the company’s global reach, employees receive plenty of career opportunities. Short-term employment opportunities are also available. Part-time employees have access to competitive pay and flexible work hours.

How Old Do you have to be to Work at Mobil?

The minimum age requirement to work in the company is 18 years. Various entry-level positions are available for young job seekers including gas station jobs.

Mobil Careers

Station Attendant – The job involves sales and customer service. Among the duties of a station attendant are stocking products, operating cash register, recording sales data, unloading shipments, maintaining equipment and facilities. The job pays around $9 an hour.

Sales Associate – The position involves completing sales transactions, assisting customers from the selection of products and services to final purchase. Other duties include maintaining cleanliness of the store. The job pays minimum hourly wage.

Shift Manager – This role is mostly administrative in nature. The main function of a shift manager is scheduling. Duties also include managing opening and closing procedures. Salary is between $10 and $11 per hour.

Station Manager – This position entails supervisory and administrative functions. Duties include payroll processing, coordinating shipments, training workers, etc. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required for this position. The salary is between $30,000 and $40,000 per year.

Various positions in engineering, computer science/ IT, finance, human resources, marketing and other corporate departments are also available. The job opening is accessible through the company website.

Mobil Application

The website sorts out employment opportunities according to location. You can further sort out your job search based on an applicant’s qualifications – student, skilled trades craftsman or technician and administrative or professional as well as area of interest.

Online application is available. For entry-level station jobs, however, in store application is preferred. Qualifications and requirements may vary from one gas chain to another.

The application process is rather quick. Forms may be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Submit them online or in person with other supporting documents.

Educational background and work experience are important in management positions. These must be covered in the resume. Minimum requirements managers look for in entry-level staff are professionalism, courtesy and sound communication skills.

Hiring managers often prefer candidates with open availability. Demonstration of good customer service skills is also important. Candidates are advised to show punctuality and dress appropriately for the interview.

Things to Know About Mobil

The Mobil company culture is dynamic. The work environment aims to promote diversity and inclusion. Mobil also ensures safety and health of their employees by providing programs that promote health and wellness.

As part of the continuous commitment to developing cutting-edge energy technologies, ExxonMobil recently partnered with leading American Universities. The company is providing expertise and financial support to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a new low-carbon technology R&D program.

The company values innovation and sustainability. Protect Tomorrow. Today. is an ongoing project that started out decades ago. The main objective is sustainable development by balancing social and economic growth with environmental protection.

Parent company ExxonMobil is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company has taken several projects in this regard including disaster relief operations. In an effort to manage community and environment impacts, they encourage employee participation through volunteer work.

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