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Today transportation and connecting to the rest of the world is vital.  This is why Fed-Ex, formerly known as Federal Express, is so important for our everyday needs.  In 1965, Frederick W. Smith came up with a concept that would revolutionize the world.  He thought about a way to get important items for survival like medicine as fast and efficient as possible.  Federal Express was founded in 1998.

With ground, sea, and air possibilities, Fed-Ex covers 220 countries.  For this company, being able to be connected allows for everyone to live a better life.  Having been ranked within one of the best places for employment, Fed-Ex certainly has great job opportunities.  It is one of the most respected brands and employs over 300,000 employees.  FedEx job application online is available.

As a high value logistics corporation, their goal is to have and hold their employees to the highest standards. In 1975, they installed their first mail drop box. By 1981, they introduced the first overnight letter.  Today, now everyone is able to send any shipment, track their package.  As leaders in their industry, they provide a great working environment with extensive areas of growth and promotion.

The Fed-Ex application process is easy and has many locations to choose from worldwide.  This article will highlight how to apply for FedEx online through many available options such as the printable application form and free application. You can download application form in the direct application link at the end of the page.

Fed-Ex Careers

Fed-Ex jobs are available throughout the world.  They have been voted as one of the best places to work for in 2013.  As a world class company, the Fed-Ex jobs available are very diverse. You can find careers ranging from delivery driver, pilot, account executive, customer service, engineering, to human resources.  Fed-Ex careers are very rewarding in nature always have an opportunity for promotion within the company.

Because of how important the industry is now-a-days, Fed-Ex provides extensive learning and development programs that are targeted by individual and type of service needed.  They are always continuing the education of their employees while at the same time allowing them to move up to the next level. Learning and improving current practices is an on-going thing for this company.

How old do you have to be to work at Fed-Ex?

For an entry level position, candidates must be at least 18 years of age.  The Fed-Ex online application form states the age requirement.

Working for a world-class company definitely comes with plenty of benefits.  Employees can enjoy paid time off, medical insurance, college tuition assistance, travel discounts, retirement plans like a 401k, and the great recognition.  They pride themselves in their team members and know that ultimately, their employees’ success is the success of the company.

FedEx operates daily as early as 7 am through 11 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday.  Some locations may close or stay open late seasonally depending on the country or holiday.

FedEx Job Descriptions

Apply for at FedEx and see what available positions are available online.  State your desired position in the FedEx application after you browse the FedEx careers. The job description information is below.

Delivery Driver– Probably one of the most important positions, delivery drivers ensure that packages and shipments are delivered safely and in a timely manner as promised to the customer.  They organize and pack the packages and deliver them in person while maintaining positive relationships with the customers.  Starting, they make an hourly wage of $14 and may reach up to $25.

Customer Service- Their responsibilities include problem solving and listening to positively assist the customers in managing and achieving their ideal shipment time and needs.  Being always friendly and ready to assist the customers is their number one priority.  The starting salary is $24,000 and can reach up to $45,000.

Operations Manager- Their responsibility is ultimately be managing the team in order for them to perform their best and feel encouraged.  They will need to have great leadership skills to be able to lead by example while providing excellent coaching and customer service. Salary for them is about $80K a year.

Sales/Marketing- With all the great products available, they are in charge of presenting them to clients to demonstrate the need for the product and ensure the customer’s satisfaction.  They build strong relationships with clients and show them the most innovated and new products available for them. Salary starts at $47k plus commission.

Package Handler- Another very important position, they are in charge of reading labels and designating the proper routes for the packages to follow to be received on time.  They are responsible for using the proper scanning techniques to ensure tracking is possible.  Pay is paid hourly at $9-$14 per hour.

FedEx Interview Questions

Working for FedEx is a great career to have, therefore, being properly prepared to answer the interview questions is very important.

Are you able to lift between 30 to 50 lbs.? Since the nature of the business sometimes requires heavy lifting at time, you must be able to lift some heavy items carefully.  Let them know that you are also able to handle items with care.

Why are you looking to change careers? They want people who are looking to be part of their company for the long term.  Explain to them that working for a world class company is important to you.  Go over the benefits you see working for them.

What makes you a good fit for this company? Go over your experience in leadership and highlight your most important skills learned in previous employment.  Sell yourself confidently and express in detail why you are an asset for the company.

Are you able to work in a fast pace environment? Handling multiple tasks in an efficient and quick manner is very important in this line of work.  Tell them that you are able to complete many duties at once accurately.

Are you able to meet deadlines?  Being on time and delivering shipments on time is highly important.  Meeting deadlines will be a major selling point so tell them of a time where you were crunched for time and still managed to complete your work efficiently.

Advice for Application Process

FedEx jobs online have detailed job descriptions.  You can apply online if desired. Print out a resume and be prepared to attend an interview soon after applying. The FedEx application process can be simple but may also take some time.  FedEx careers are very rewarding so take this opportunity seriously.

There are many local stores available for an in-person interview.  Please dress in a business attire and be ready to answer some of the questions listed above.  Be honest and provide enough work experience if requested.  There are some tests given as well as the interview.  Some of those test will be relevant to the positions you are applying for.  Just relax and answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

The hiring process can take some time since there are background and driving record checks.  Once you have been offered a job, a drug screening is needed to be completed.  Orientations begin shortly after the employment has been offered.  They may take place at the office you applied to or a different one.  Always ask them for directions and any other questions you may have.

Some positions may require multiple interviews with different supervisors.  This process may take place in one day or within a couple of days.  They will notify you if you are required to show up for another interview.  There is also the potential to participate in group evaluations as well so be prepared to engage with other applicants when you apply to FedEx jobs.

There is a printable application for FedEx in the links below to apply for jobs at FedEx.  Applications are received both in person and online.

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